Monday, November 29, 2010

Sickly Weekend

This weekend was rough.  Friday night Uncle M.'s family arrived in town.  It was good to see them as we haven't since Halloween.  We visited and watched a movie after they got in then went to bed around 10:30. We had some giggly teenage girls in the house, so didn't get to sleep till around 11:45 when we finally got them to be quiet.  Around midnight, I woke up so sick.  I spent at least 15 minutes in the bathroom every hour from midnight till around 8:00a kneeling in front of the porcelain monument that no household can do without.  Uncle M. was pretty sick too.  I texted everyone to let them know that game night would be off the next morning, and found out that Aunt Trishy and her boyfriend were sick as well.  I don't know what hit us, and don't think it is food poisoning because it hit us about 36 hours after we all ate at the same place (Thanksgiving dinner).  I tend to believe we all had a virus of sorts.  I sure used my fair share of Lysol this weekend, regardless of how much I abhor the smell of it.

Keep in mind Uncle M and I have a virus... and company!  So I'm trying to stay away from everyone, yet continue to visit with them.  My body hurt all over.  I felt like I had been hit by a train...  or what I imagine is the equivalent.  Uncle M seemed to be feeling as rough.  Every time I moved I felt like I was going to be ill.  When the Vampire went down for a nap, so did Uncle M and I.  Well we tried to nap, but it's hard with a house full of people, a 90 lb lab, and teenagers who ring doorbells.  I feel like a horrible parental type, but I couldn't see taking the girls to the parade that they were supposed to be in.  I hadn't had the stomach to eat anything all day, and Uncle M was still feverish.  We called everything off and sat around for the rest of the day trying to feel better.  I finally felt like eating something around 6:00p, then regretted it with the stomach pain that ensued.  The good news is... the kids didn't seem to show any signs yet (knocking on wood) of getting this virus. 

I felt like a jerk, with his parents, sister, niece, and nephew trapped in the house with a couple of sick people with nothing to do but watch T.V.  The girls had a lot of fun, though.  They love playing with the other kids, and adore the attention they get from Uncle M's family.  The Vampire was so mouthy to me, and went to bed early Saturday night for pinching and hitting me, oh and yelling "STUPID BABY, I HATE STUPID BABY" at me.  I couldn't take it any longer and put her to bed.  The Drama Queen probably learned a lot of tricks from the teenage girls that she shouldn't have, but I was so miserable, that I was just glad to have someone help me keep an eye on the kids. 

Sunday morning, the Vampire and I went for a walk after I got up.  I was trying to keep the house quiet so company could rest, and she just can't seem to comprehend the word "quiet".  We took Hobie, and set out on our walk.  The Vampire did pretty well, but wanted to take a lot of "let's sit on these stairs in someone else's yard" breaks.  I was trying to get my blood flowing and feel a little more human, cause I felt awful after laying around for 24 hours trying to recover from a virus.  I thought a little fresh air could do us good.  When I got home, I helped Uncle M finish getting breakfast for everyone ready.  He seemed to be feeling much better.  Once everyone was fed, and the kitchen was cleaned up, I stripped my bed and carried the laundry down to get that going.  I set our pillows out in the sun to air them out after we were sick and laid around on them all day.  I went in the girls room to strip their beds (I try to do it every Sunday), and somehow pinched a nerve in my back getting the Vampire's sheets off her bed. 

It took all of my strength to stay on my feet.  My legs felt weak from the pain, and my entire lower back felt like it had just exploded.  As much as I didn't want to... I ended up laying down for the rest of the day yesterday.  I have no Christmas decorations up.  I haven't really started Christmas shopping.  My house was a bit of a mess, and I had at least 10 loads of laundry that had piled up.  And all I could do yesterday was lay around on an ice pack or heating pad, and wish my back would feel better.  I was so upset at myself. 

When it was time to lay the Vampire down for her nap, she went into hysterics, screaming at me that she couldn't nap because her pillow was "Naked".  I couldn't help but giggle.  Her pillow wasn't "naked" but she insisted it was because of the white pillow case I had on it.  Now keep in mind, she INSISTS that she has a white pillow case.  Why?  Because she likes to spit on it.  If it is any color other than white, she has a hard time seeing her spit.  She will have a melt down and a half if I put the flowered pillow case or the pink pillow case on her pillow.  It's sick.  I tell her it's sick all the time, and remind her that she shouldn't be so nasty.  But she doesn't really care.  Nothing I say phases her.  I then wonder what the extent of brain damage is with this kid, or is this a normal kid thing??  She finally realized that the pillow case was indeed on the pillow, and finally laid down for a nap.  I don't think I will ever fully understand that child., but all I can do is keep trying.

I received some knowledge about my sister recently that I will need some time to digest before I can relay it to all of you.  I need to find the right words, and wrestle my anger at her a bit before I were to write something I may regret.  I also need to find the best way to tell the story, yet retain the privacy of parties I have no business talking about.  I will post in the next couple of days, though when I have myself all healed and more able to deal with my own feelings.

Aunt TT

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