Friday, November 26, 2010

The space between

Wednesday night, Uncle M and I took the girls shopping.  We stocked up on food items, and began preparing for game night this weekend.  Of course even with my list I forgot important things.  It seems as if I am forever spending money.  The girls will be in a Santa Parade this weekend with their dance troupe.  They have to wear a white top, red scarf, red gloves, and a red/white Santa hat.  I will be making a last minute trip to buy these goodies.  I have decided that I will also be buying some for Uncle M and I, and that we will pose in some photos with the girls.  I will put those photos on the 50 free Shutterfly cards that I earned, and have my bases covered in the Christmas Card area.  Would it be cruel to mail my sister one of the cards?  I guess it probably would be...

We let the girls stay up a little later than normal on Wednesday, and watch Toy Story 3.  The Vampire insisted that we watch it, saying "I want to watch WOODY!".  For once, the Drama Queen didn't argue, and sat down to watch it with her. On Thanksgiving morning, I awoke from a dream that stuck with me, and had to sit down and try to get it out on paper.  Something about the dream seemed so special, and something inside of me was screaming "turn it into a story".  I sat down to start writing, and the Vampire is in my face saying "I hungee".  So I stopped writing and ran to serve up a breakfast of pop tarts and grapes to the girls, then tried to get back to it.  It didn't go very well, though.  It is so hard to write with other people around.  The girls were noisy, and the Vampire would run into the bedroom and want my attention.  Uncle M stood over my shoulder at one point, and that just drives me insane, cause I don't want my writing read until I have looked it over thoroughly and decided upon who, what, when where.  I don't care if he is trying to read it or not, it's that lingering thought in my head that I have to concentrate on that other being in the room, obviously wanting my attention, that slows my progress.

One of my friends stopped by to pick up something that I had of hers, and wish us Happy Thanksgiving.  I had to stop writing for that, and by 10:00 I had to stop all together to finish getting what we were taking to my mom's house for Thanksgiving ready.  So between trying to get the idea out, and do some quick research to make sure all of my points were valid...  I had three paragraphs sitting on the page when I was finished.  Luckily, I have thought of the idea on and off when I have a few moments to myself, and have been able to keep the story alive and well in my mind.  Now to find the time/fuel to put it down on paper...

Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with my family was nice.  Uncle M watched football all day long, and played Magic the Gathering with my cousins, and they all seemed content.  The children all ran around the house and played together.  The adults sat and talked and caught up on things we haven't been involved in with each other.  My youngest sister, and eldest brother weren't there, and there was a hole in everyone's heart because of that, but we didn't talk about it.  We chose to dwell on happier things.  The Vampire got to skip her nap entirely, and kept walking around with a pillow and blanket seeming like she would go to sleep any time soon, yet she didn't.  The Drama Queen ate more than her weight in turkey and ham, then still found that she had room for dessert.  Grandpa hung around a little longer than he usually does.  We ended up sitting down and playing a game of Uno with everyone.  The girls stayed the night, as Uncle M and I both had to work today, but they were more than happy to have a night with grandma and grandpa.  Bio mom or dad didn't call to wish the children a Happy Thanksgiving, I wasn't surprised by this and would be more surprised if they had called.

This weekend, Uncle M's family will be down.  I am always a nervous wreck about having people over at the house, because I want my house to be clean, neat, and orderly.  I want them to be at home and enjoy themselves.  There is a lot going on aside from his family being here with the decorating the float for the Santa Parade, being in the Santa Parade, and Game night to follow.  The girls are selling poinsettias for dance class, and I'm trying to spread the word about that.  Just so much going on!!!!  Welcome to the Christmas season with children.  There is always something to be done.  Sometimes I feel as if things are pulling me into fifty different directions, and I have to struggle to keep my mind on any one task at a time.  I'll never understand how my mom did it with five kids involved in all the different music/sports groups we were in.  Way to go mom!!!!  

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