Monday, December 13, 2010

Head Start 12/6

Yesterday when Uncle M picked the Vampire up from Day Care, we got a report of a perfect day.  No hitting, no biting, no messes in her undies.  Just a perfect day.  She called me on the way home, and I praised her up one side and down the other for being such a good girl. 

We met with the therapist again last night.  She is trying so hard to help us help the Vampire.  While talking with the therapist, the Vampire says "my teacher pinched me."  The therapist and I look at each other, and the therapist says "Awwww come on.  Your teacher wouldn't do something like that!"  Again the Vampire says, "my teacher pinched me!!!"  I say "show me where", and she points at her neck.  I say, "Can I see closer?"  So she comes over to me and points to the spot.  On her neck, I see three little half moon shaped bruises, where it looks like someone has dug their nails into her skin.  I ask the therapist to look at it, and to see if she thinks it could be from another child.  I know.  It's awful that I don't just believe this child, but she has tried to lie to me about not biting, etc.  So the distrust is just there.  Aside from that, I want to make for certain that I am not jumping the gun and accusing someone of having hurt my kid.  The therapist looks closely at the marks, and says to me "no, these are from an adult, they're as large as my nails."  I am shocked.  This is the first instance from this daycare that there have been any questionable marks on this child.  I now have motivation to get her out of there before she hits her five strikes.  I don't know where those marks came from, but it is clear to me that the teacher doesn't want to deal with her anymore, and I don't want to leave her somewhere she isn't wanted.

I spoke with someone at Head Start this morning.  After finding out that the Vampire isn't my biological kid, she said that she can get her into the program easier.  Head Start isn't full day, but at least it is something, and I will have to keep working on full time daycare.  I am told that the may be able to get her in as early as January.  Now to figure out if they bus the kids...
Aunt TT

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  1. Wow.. good on you for having her show it to her. You didn't dismiss her as so many would. I feel better about her being kicked out now, as she didn't need to be somewhere where an adult would leave claw marks on her. I am hopeful for the head start program!