Friday, December 17, 2010

Nightmares and Sunshine

So this week with the new child care has gone OK.   The woman who watches the Vampire called it the "Clash of the Titans" when her 3 year old and my 3 year old began having their battles.  Both are strong willed, around the same size, blonde, adorable.  Her 3 yr old is better at speaking, but I think she is older than my Vampire.  Anyway, the Vampire was wearing the sitter's house shoes.  Little M (the other 3 year old) says "those are my mom's.  Take them off."  The Vampire grunts and continues walking in the shoes.  Little M says, "take them off!"  The Vampire keeps walking away.  So Little M decides to help the Vampire take the shoes off.  The Vampire bites Little M's finger.  Little M scratches the heck out of the Vampire's face (this happened Monday, and she's still got the mark).  There have been various other little scuffles between the Titans, but I am glad the Vampire seems to have met her match, and hope that she learns that aggression is not the way to get things done.

The Vampire has shown the sitter her true colors.  She's hit, pinched, pushed, the other kids, and even peed on furniture, and the sitter hasn't said "I'm done" yet.  She keeps assuring me that she's fine, and normal, and everything will be OK.  She even agreed to speak to the Vampire's therapist, which will help the therapist understand everything even better. 

Uncle M says she only has one kid ahead of her on the waiting list for the daycare we wanted her in, so who knows how long that will be, but we might move her to that daycare when they are open, cause all she does is sit and watch t.v. and play at the sitter's house.  There is no education going on at all.  I feel like she is all ready so far behind, and I hate for her to fall further behind because she's not getting any more education than what we do at home.  She is very resistant to learning.  Still doesn't know her colors that well.  I beat myself up over this.

The Drama Queen is still way closer to the little boys than I like, but I haven't fussed too much about it.  I make comments here and there about how I better never hear of her kissing on little boys, and how if she gets in trouble at school, she might as well look forward to losing rights of things she loves to do at home.  I also mention once in awhile how her teacher, Mrs B. and I talk frequently, and I know when she gets in trouble.  I haven't rec'd any more calls about her kissing on boys since last week, so I am hoping she has quit that nonsense.  I wish I could look at as cute and just some childhood thing, but after what the therapist told us, I have a hard time turning a blind eye to these behaviors.

So that is our week, in a hasty recap.  I will try to write more later.  Uncle M and I have to finish Christmas shopping, the girls are getting a bunk bed... and we have yet to find mattresses for the darn thing.  Oh and sheets... blankets...  etc.  Kids are so expensive... but by God, I love them.

Aunt TT

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