Thursday, January 27, 2011

Changes on the horizon

The Vampire has been accepted to the daycare that we have been trying to get her into for awhile.  After speaking in depth to the therapist and Uncle M, we have decided to give organized daycare a try again.  After asking the Vampire what she wants to do, she answered me without a doubt that she wants to go to the "school" instead of staying with the sitter.  The daycare is 30 bucks more a week than what the sitter charges us.  To all of my friends who have assured me that their children stayed at home and didn't need the organized daycare to be bright and well adjusted, I have no doubts that you are right.  My main beef with paying this woman 120.00 per week to watch my child... is simply, she does the same thing I could be doing with her at home.  I can't stand to pay someone to do a job that I could... should be doing.  If I am going to give someone that much of my hard earned salary...  I want to know that they are providing this being that I adore with good nutrition, healthy and fun exercise, arts and crafts, musical education, and healthy interaction with their peers. 

I have not made this decision lightly.  We have done a lot of talking and thinking about the entire situation.  We are going to talk to the sitter and let her know that we will stick with her for another week, but after that we would like to try this daycare out.  We hope that she doesn't take offense to this, and will allow us to come back to her IF this daycare doesn't work out.  If not, I guess we will just have to deal with the consequences.  I pray that this will not be another situation where I will be called daily to pick her up from school for biting, until again, she is expelled from daycare.  I am glad that the Vampire will be out of the smoking environment.  Although the ear, nose, throat doctor said her ears look great, and the tubes are still in, I really cringe at any more exposure she has to smoke.  I have wondered if children can become addicted to nicotine at an early age when they are around adults who smoke...

I have lost faith in the "system"  I still have not heard back from Head Start to get her in half a day, and leave her at the sitters half a day, and if we let this opportunity slide....  it could be a long while before we are able to try it again.  I have never been much of a decision maker.  I limit my wardrobe to a few basic simple pieces, because when I open the closet and see gobs of clothes, I get overwhelmed with the selection.  Now, I am a bit overwhelmed with the daycare situation, and rely on Uncle M, and the therapist's unanimous agreement that we need to try the daycare setting.  I hope and pray I have made the right decision.  Only time will tell. 

This weekend is the Drama Queen's birthday party.  We have a few things left to do to prepare for it, but can not wait to share this special day with her.  She will be receiving piano lessons for a birthday gift.  I'm all about giving a kid minimal toys, and a whole lot of things that they can treasure their entire life.  Piano might not be her thing, but I can at least help her nurture a love of music, if that is what she wants.  When the Vampire is old enough, I will offer her the same things, but for now, she will just have to be content with dance class, the one thing she is old enough to do.  Uncle M's twin sister (my hairdresser) will be down this weekend, and I will be able to get my shaggy mop trimmed up, and am hoping she can fix the botched "I want bangs" moment that I pulled right before Christmas.  

Work has been kind of crazy lately.  It is just a tough time of year for me with my job.  I think I am finally caught up on everything I was behind on from my two day hiatus.  Tomorrow I will finish wrapping things up and be back on track.  Then I won't be staying over at work every evening trying to get things caught up.  I was very late to therapy today b/c I was trying to get things to a point that I could leave for the day.  I don't want that to be habit.  I will keep you all up to date on what happens with the switch to the new daycare.  Thank you for cheering me on in this journey, and continuing to read my ranting. 

Aunt TT

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