Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Typical Week

I apologize for my absence from the world of blogging lately.  I have just been so very busy!  It feels like there isn't enough time in any one day.  I hear moms complain about this all the time, and used to think gosh... how is it so hard just cause they have kids, but now... I TOTALLY understand now.  Here is my typical week..

Monday up at 5:45.  Shower, dress, get girls up and moving around 6:30, and most days make it out of the house by 7:15ish.  Drop the Vampire off at her daycare/sitter, then take the Drama Queen and I to work.  I arrive there around 7:45 wait a few minutes until the building is unlocked, then we go in.  8:33, I rush DQ (Shortening Drama Queen for this) to the vehicle, and sit in the long line of other parents dropping their kids off at school around 8:45.  Usually back at work by 8:55, where I remain until 4:45, when I leave to race to the other store by 5:00 and stay there until 7:30.  By the time I get home, the girls are bathed and almost ready for bed (thanks to Uncle M!), and I get a little snuggle time with them before it's lights out.  I usually eat dinner...  at 8:00 at night, then crash as well.

Tuesday a repeat of Monday up until 5:00, where I race home, and help Uncle M get the girls ready for Dance class.  Then we spend 6:00 - 8:00 at dance class.  Once again, 8:00 at night dinner and passing out in bed.

Wednesday up at 5:45, Vampire to sitter 7:20, DQ and I to work by 7:45, then again I leave to take DQ to school, back to work at 8:55.  Then I leave AGAIN around 10:05 to take Vampire to speech therapy, and am usually back around 11:30, and am at work until 5:00.  Then I go home, and spend time with Uncle M and the girls doing dinner, cleaning the house up, and finally getting the girls to bed. 

Thursday, same routine in the AM of taking Vampire to sitter, DQ to school, I miss my lunch break at work to meet Uncle M and the girls at therapy!  Where we talk weekly to a wonderful woman who has been helping not only the girls, but Uncle M and I with child rearing issues.  We are blessed to have her in our lives.  We are usually home around 6:00 when I eat dinner, and spend a bit of time with Uncle M and the girls before it's the dreaded bedtime routine again. 

Keep in mind, every day thought the week, I am in contact with Uncle M around 2:00 to see if he will get out of work early enough to pick DQ up from school or not.  If he isn't, I have to cut out of work... again, and go get her.  I don't mind going after her, I just am absent so much from work some days, and that makes my job VERY hard.

Friday, same morning routine as the rest of the week, except sometimes my aunt is able to help me get DQ to school, and picked up from school.  This day I get out of work at 5:00 and we usually don't have a whole lot planned.  I can go home, and enjoy being with the kiddos.  Some weeks (like this weekend) we have family in from out of town, and I go home and make sure there isn't too much out of sorts (I'm a bit of a neat freak).   Some weeks, we are going out of town to visit out of town family, and the entire evening is jam packed with car riding with two small children. 

I work every 3rd Saturday, the girls in my office and I rotate, so none of us have to be here every Saturday.  I enjoy working my Saturday.  I get to catch myself back up on everything I missed out doing when I was playing taxi driver to the girls all week long.  Every other Saturday is supposed to be a visitation weekend, and I have to keep that open just in case the Redneck decides he wants to see them again.  This weekend is jam packed with out of town family and birthday parties!

Sundays I just want to be home, but some weekends we are headed back from visiting out of town family, or saying farewell to our out of town guests.  I have to prepare everything for the next week, making sure dance outfits are clean and with dance bags, backpacks are cleaned out, and ready to be filled with all the fun stuff DQ is learning in school, I have to re-pack the "diaper" bag, as the Vampire still has issues with keeping her pants/undies dry some days. 

This is all mixed in with other appointments.  Quarterly check up of the tubes in the Vampire's ears, bi-annual dentist appointments for both girls, yearly check ups / immunizations for both girls, and vision screenings for both girls.  It is easy to forget my own appointments.  I haven't been to the eye doctor in around two years now.  I keep up with the dentist as best I can, but totally missed my last appointment, as it was around the same time the Vampire was being kicked out of daycare on a daily basis.  I received a certified letter from them saying that if I miss another appointment with them, they will charge me 50 bucks for the missed appointment.  I am almost afraid to schedule another with them, and hate to even ask for the time I would need off work to do it!

Now don't get me wrong.  I am NOT complaining.  I am blessed to have Uncle M's help, don't know if I could handle all of it by myself like I did last year when we didn't see the therapists.  I'm just saying to all you other moms out there... I get it now.  I understand why you say you don't have enough hours in the day, or are so exhausted every night that you fall into bed and can't even remember falling asleep.  I understand why you get your hair cut short, and reduce your make up to foundation, powder, and mascara.  I understand why it is hard to eat healthy, and exercise.  I understand your irritation at child-less friends saying they are tired, cause you do everything they do, and then some.  I understand your thinking that I am insane at wanting to add yet another appointment to this list by putting the DQ in piano lessons...  What am I thinking!?!?  Oh that's right...  I love her, want the best for her, and will sacrifice what I have to.  Oh and if we agree to do it.. I will be at work anyway, Uncle M will be the one who has to deal with that appointment.  I hate to miss that appointment, and hearing her grow and learn to play piano...  but I've gotta do what I've gotta do!

This month has been even worse for me to make time to write because we have had a couple of birthdays in our family (including the DQ).  I still have a party coming up to throw for the DQ, and all sorts of fun things to get for it.  It is not physically exhausting but mentally.  I missed an appointment for speech therapy for the Vampire two weeks ago, and they billed me $25.00 for having missed it.  I wanted to say to them, "do you know what I do on a daily basis?!?!  I missed one appointment people!!!  I'm sorry, but at least I got out of bed, and am trying hard to hold everything together!!"  I know first hand, that it is better than some people do.

Uncle M and I went on a trip with his family last weekend, and I am behind on everything because of that.  It is something we do every year with his family, and my mom/dad keep the girls for us.  It is nice to have an adult weekend away, and know that the kids are safe and well cared for.  Uncle M and I get to enjoy just being together, and we don't have to break up kid arguments, remind the DQ that she is tattling, and should work it out with her sister instead.  It is a few nights that we don't have to put the Vampire in bed 50 times before she falls asleep, and we don't have to go though the whole bathroom routine in my tiny bathroom getting two kids ready for bed.  And it is also the weekend that I miss them so badly.  I had a tear in my eye looking in the back seat of the car seeing the DQ's Cinderella glove.  I welled up again later the next day when I discovered the Vampire's Tinkerbell sun glasses in my purse.  I looked forward to hearing their little voices on the phone before bed, and was a little sad that it was too late to call them on Saturday when I thought about it.  I was so happy to see them when I picked them up from mom and dad on Monday morning, and opted to keep the Vampire home with me after dropping the DQ off at school, because I couldn't stand to send her to the sitter on my day off, when it could be time she could be... with me.  So I am not wishing things were different, or complaining.  I just understand now.  I understand why you moms out there just keep pushing through the exhaustion, and keep giving everyone around you 150%.  It's just what you do when you love someone.

Aunt TT

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  1. I love you Tabby!! I knew one day you would start seeing these girls as your own. Whatever may happen done the road, know that God has blessed you with these girls. You were meant for them. Amen to you and your 150%....even when like all moms you just want to lock yourself up and throw away the key :)