Sunday, January 30, 2011

Uncle M's new girlfriend..

So today, I let my bleeding heart get the best of me.  AGAIN!  You see, Uncle M's family was down this weekend.  We had a wonderful time!  We celebrated the Drama Queen's birthday.  I got my hair cut, and dyed by Uncle M's brilliant hairdresser sister.  My older brother and his girlfriend came to the party, and it was very nice to meet her.  She is a very friendly and nice/intelligent person, and her children seem to be great kids.  I was able to enjoy having most of my friends/family together in one place smiling, laughing, and truly enjoying each other's company. 

This morning, Uncle M was cooking breakfast, I was going behind him and cleaning as he cooked, as he is the messiest (but a very good) cook!  His sister was in the kitchen, and she was looking out the sliding glass door at the back yard, and commented that there was a cat out there.  I said "Oh the gray one?"  She said "yeah".  I said "Oh good, I haven't seen that cat since KitN died.  I'm glad to know that it wasn't poisoned as well as KitN."  Uncle M peeked outside and said "No, it's not the same cat."  So I look outside.  There sits a gray calico with flecks of gold and white all over it's body.  It is clearly a baby, very small and petite, I would say less than 3 months old.  It sits there, meowing, and staring at me with those green eyes that just pierce your soul.  I immediately got the cat food left in my cupboard from Kit, and took it out to feed the poor little thing.  It ran into the garage.  Kit used to sleep in there, and we never lowered the garage door all the way to the ground, after Kit died.  I had asked M to fix the lock so we could start shutting it all the way, but he just hasn't ever had time to get around to it.  So this kitty found a safe place to hide in my garage, and seemed to be a little scared of us at first. 

This cat was hiding at in the garage, mewling.  M's sister and I called it, and it wouldn't come out.  So M's sister and I put the food on the ground outside the garage door, and ended up coming back into the house.  The kitty didn't come out, but began to devour the food as if she hadn't eaten in days.  We put a bowl of food and a dish of water out for her.  I tried to go back to work cleaning the kitchen, and we all sat down and ate breakfast.  After breakfast Uncle M went outside and brought the kitten into the house.  Uncle M's niece and nephew snuggled the kitty, and the longer we associated with her, the more she warmed up to us.  The entire time I kept thinking of how odd it was for this kitty to find us just two weeks after we buried my outdoor cat.  I couldn't help but think about how my neon "Keeper of the Strays" sign must be flashing in some sort of kitty language.  How did this sweet little lady survive all alone, and how did she find us?

We went about our afternoon.  Uncle M's family left to head back home, then Uncle M and I joined my parents at the skating rink for a birthday party for my nephew and niece.  Mom and dad had picked the girls up and taken them ahead of us so that Uncle M and I could see the his family off.  I fell at the skating rink.  Right on my butt.  I didn't want to get on skates, but my little brother picked at me to do it.  I am such a klutz.  I fell years ago skating and broke my tailbone.  I've been icing it since we got home, and taking ibuprofen, praying that I didn't re-fracture my tailbone again.  I shouldn't have been on skates.  When will I learn. 

When we got home, I checked on the kitten.  She was still slumming it in my garage.  I tried to come back in the house and forget about her, thinking she would be gone any time soon.  But she just wouldn't leave.  The longer I sat and thought about it.  I worried that this kitty would be poisioned just like my Kittle Bit.  So I talked to Uncle M, and asked him what he thought we should do.  Now, I have a sweet, loving little cat girl in my house.  We bathed her, but she is still stinky.  I haven't a clue how old she is.  So I can't worm her.  We are going to try and get her to the vet sometime this next week to see if she has worms, how healthy she is, how old she is, etc.  Uncle M wants to call her Gar-girl (wanted to call her Gargoyle, but I told him that he couldn't cause it's a SHE).  He then joked around about calling her DQ (Drama Queen, after our own beloved drama queen) because she couldn't stand to be alone, and when left outside by herself, she would cry and meow.  She is a very vocal little calico.  I laughed.  DQ seemed to fit her so perfectly.  Uncle M said "if it's a boy, it's Gargoyle, girl then we will call her DQ.  Almost all calico cats are girls...  so we have been calling her DQ. 

She is in the basement with Uncle M right now.  He's watching fooseball, and she's curled up on his lap purring contentedly asleep.  She seems to LOVE people.  She lets the Vampire pick her up and carry her around.  She didn't try to use the claws on us during the bath, it felt like she knew we were trying to help her, and she was willing to be dunked in the sink to be in the warm house and have our love.  She makes a funny little mewling sound when she is eating.  Has quite a bit of personality.  Baata isn't thrilled about her existance, and has been upstairs with me snuggling me.  Hobie is so very curious, and afraid of her.  She gets her fur up on end, and hisses and he tucks his tail between his legs and runs.  He's such a big sweet baby.   I think that after they have been given some adjustment time, they will be fine together.  She tolerates the children so well, I can't see how she couldn't warm up to my sweet baby bear, Hobie.

So it looks like God couldn't stand to see me with only two animals.  He sent this wayward little stray into my life.  Kit never would have let her into the back yard, and would have picked on her.  He was a bully.  I still miss him, but everything happens for a reason, and my gut feeling was that I couldn't leave this little lady outside to be hurt like my Kittle Bit was.  So she has a warm home now.  We will see where this goes from here.  She can't stand to be alone, so I wonder how much sleep Uncle M and I will get tonight.  I fear she will be like a new puppy who whines all night long when left in a cage.  I am half wondering if he will opt to sleep downstairs with his new girlfriend.  Still wish I would have trusted my gut instinct on not wearing roller skates today, and on bringing Kit inside two weeks ago, but at least I have listened to my gut today, and I know this sweet, mouthy little girl is warm, safe, and has a very full belly.

Aunt TT

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