Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting for the Real Spring

This weekend, we traveled to visit with Uncle M's family.  They live 4.5 hours away from our home.  It was lovely seeing all of them, and I am STILL sore from working out with his sister.  I'm so grateful she took me to her gym with her.  It has been awhile since I visited a gym, and got a full workout in like I did on Saturday.  Uncle M's mom fell on St. Patty's day, and broke the top part of her tibia (near her knee).  She is currently in a nursing home for rehabilitation, and from what I hear took 32 steps yesterday (and a few sideways).  So it sounds like she is making vast improvements.  We are cheering her on, and hope she recovers swiftly.  I know she really wants to be home with her family.

I also got to spend some time with Uncle M's niece.  She just turned 14.  Being around a teenager is a real eye opener.  It also makes me wonder (and worry) about being a parent to a teenager!!  I love this kid, but dread ever having the issues her mom has.  At one point in the weekend, she told me that she has stuck someone else in the household's toothbrush in the toilet (to get back at them for something I am sure)!!  *Note to self - hide toothbrush from the girls*  Teenagers!!!!   She had a pretty good birthday from what I can tell.  Birthdays change so much as you age.  You're the center of attention and it's a huge deal when you're little, and as you age, it becomes just another day.  She had a friend over and had an icing fight with her, it reminded me of the days when my siblings and I would do crazy things like that.  I recall my brother putting black cats (the firecrackers) on one of my birthday cakes...  there was pink and purple icing everywhere when they exploded.  Mom wasn't too happy, but can laugh about it now.

I talked as little as possible about my whole situation with my sister over the weekend.  It was nice to shove it to the back of my mind and enjoy being with family and friends.  It always lingers.  Like a vulture hovering for it's next meal, but I just keep tossing rocks at that vulture and hoping that I will always be strong enough to fend it off.  I've been a little depressed about it.  I was eating pretty healthy until I got that call from my mom about her, and since then...  well let's say it's just not pretty.  I have still been training for my 5K (although I twisted my ankle a little last night and now it's stiff/sore, I didn't do my entire run either), but my diet has been horrible.  I need to kick this and not let it get me down.

The Vampire did try to bite once over the weekend.  I reprimanded her, and put her to bed (it was bed time anyway) for it.  That is a 0 tolerance thing for me.   I will not put up with it.  Aside from that instance, she has been so stinking sweet and lovable.  She asked Uncle M "you talk to me about it?" yesterday when he picked her up from school, and had seen one of her friends sad.  She did bite twice last week.   Our next appointment for the ASD testing is 4/15.  This will be a two hour appointment where they will test her IQ, and various other things.  The social worker that I spoke with about the Vampire at the clinic says that it sounds like she could have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  It is what they said her brother Z-man had as well.  She explained that any time a child is in a situation where they witness abuse, are abused, etc. That they are likely to repeat those behaviors whenever they feel any slight stress.  This COULD be what is going on with our sweet Vampire, and I intend to research it more thoroughly.

The Drama Queen is out on Spring Break this week!  I really need to figure out what we are going to do with her this summer.  I have been watching for inexpensive summer programs, but they are all between 150-250 per week.  That would be an extra 1950.00 to 3250.00 that we would have to produce this summer, and I don't really see that as being possible.  Our budget is all ready stretched to the maximum.  I have been toying with the idea of picking up a second job for the summer to help cover these expenses, but then I would never get to spend time with my family.  I keep hoping and praying something will work out, and just keep looking.  Who knows, maybe I will win the lottery between now and then.  I could just buy my own daycare!  (ha ha ha ha).

The greenhouse is coming along rather well.  It's nearly time to transplant the tomatoes into the ground and the Topsy Turvey planters.  Our first row of corn is about 3 inches tall.  The cucumbers are struggling a bit because of this cold spell.  I am pretty sure I am going to have to re-start them.  The zucchini is about 6 inches tall, and thriving.  Our peas are doing the best!!  They are starting to get the curly vines sprouting off of them, and I will have to support their growth with some tomato cages soon.

I haven't seen any sprouts on the green beans, black beans, lima beans, onions or carrots yet, but I am hoping we will see that soon.  Uncle M has a great idea for watering involving PVC pipe (which is fairly inexpensive) and a drill.  I think it will work well, and will be minimal for us as all we will have to do is hook the pipe up to the hose and let it drench the ground thoroughly, then turn the hose off.  I will post more photos as I take them!

Here are the promised photos of the Drama Queen's tap (black with the fringe) and ballet (blue dress) costumes.  We are still waiting on the Vampire's pirate costume.  I am praying she doesn't get kicked out of tumbling because she has issues when people get in her space.  We just keep redirecting and hoping we can make a difference.

Have a lovely (cold here) spring day!!

Aunt TT

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