Saturday, March 19, 2011

There is my Mommy!

The weather has been warming up.  My dream of owning a working greenhouse is becoming real.  Today, we spent hours spreading dirt in the floor of the greenhouse and making a walkway.  We planted corn, cucumbers, squash, and peas.  We will be adding even more to that collection as our sprouts in the mini greenhouses grow and develop.  We have green beans (bleh), tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, and an assortment of herbs.  The girls planted some sunflower plants, and we will be moving them outside the greenhouse when they are hardier.  It is all coming together.  The girls helped us spread dirt, and stayed under our feet.  They were intrigued with it all.

The girls spent some time playing outside today as well.  Drama Queen helped me repair some things on their swing set, then she and the Vampire ran and played on the swing set.

Uncle M has been working later in the day, and I have had to start helping with picking Drama Queen up from school.  On Friday when I went to pick her up she was announcing to her teacher "There is my Mommy".  The teacher that was there was not her normal teacher, so I smiled and said "hi".  The entire time Drama Queen is saying "this is my mommy!  Mommy I am so happy to see you!  I stayed on green today Mommy!"  She was so proud to see me, and proud to tell everyone that I am her mom.  I couldn't help but grin ear to ear.  In the back of my mind, this nagging voice kept saying "she's not your real child - someone could take her away some day."  But I ignored the voice and just kept grinning at that sweet little girl and listening to her tell me all about the fun things she did that day.

The Vampire.  Monday is my first appointment with the Child Diagnostic Center for the autism spectrum testing.  I hope I am not jinxing myself, but she has been doing AMAZING for the last two weeks.  She had one bad day where she did try to bite - but they were able to re-direct her anger, and she didn't connect.  The other days, she has just been doing pretty good.  She has had some oral fixation issues where she tries to put things in her mouth that she shouldn't, so we have been sending her to school with her biting necklace, hoping that will help her with her oral fixations.  She has been so loving lately too.  She wants me to snuggle her.  She comes in around 4a on a regular basis simply because she wants me to hold her.  The therapist says that could be a bad idea, that we shouldn't let her crawl up in bed with us but to take her back to her bedroom and snuggle her a bit there, then go back to bed ourselves.  I've been trying that - and I lose sleep, but she still feels loved and secure.  I feel her speech is improving little by little.  Uncle M and I have been working very hard on getting her to say things properly instead of accepting her saying things wrong.  For instance she will say mell instead of smell.  We will say "we don't know what you are talking about..." until she takes the time to say it correctly.  It seems to have been working.

My 5k training is going fairly well.  This past week I had to walk 3 mins. jog 2 mins, for a total of 25 minutes.  I have also been staying up on my pilates, and trying to eat well (although I cheated Friday night).  I am very excited about the charity that we are going to attempt to run for.  The proceeds will benefit a group of people who try to help girls aged 13-19 who have survived human trafficking.  I didn't know that human trafficking happened in America, but I am told it does, and frequently.  The 5k will happen on 4/16, so I have a few more weeks to continue getting into shape.  I know I won't place first, but I will have run a 5k.  Me...  run a 5K.  They also have runs for children.  The Vampire's age group is 50 meters, and the Drama Queen's age group is 1/3rd mile to 1 whole mile.  They both keep saying that they want to run with me.  So they have been training a bit with me while I train.  I hope this will be a start to a whole new healthier life for all of us.  Uncle M has even been getting on the treadmill and running now and then.  He says he wants to run in the 5K with me.  We will have to find someone to keep an eye on the girls for the 30 to 45 minutes that we run, but we shall see. 

We still haven't really named the kitten.  I call her Little Girl most of the time.  Sophie every now and then.  She has still been really loving and gentle to the girls.  The Drama Queen will hold her, and even though she wants loose, she doesn't use her claws or teeth to try and get loose.  She tolerates the unwanted affection until she finds a way out, then takes her way out.  I am glad she found her way to us.  She has given this family yet another reason to smile every single day. 

Aunt TT

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