Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the Face of Turmoil

Well nearly another week has gone by since my last blog.  I have had a nasty cold/sinusitis ever since then.  I've been trying not to let it get me down, but when you're sick for a long time - it wears on you.  So what has happened in the last week?  I'll break it down into numbered points for this blog as I feel like my head will explode if I try to think too hard. 

1.  The Vampire's biting has been worse (although it was non-existent yesterday).  The daycare director told me today that there is a family threatening to pull their child out of the center due to the Vampire abusing her.  My heart sinks - it starts again.  The director assured me that she's not going to kick her out at this point, but that we all need to get together for a meeting to evaluate what is going on, and how we can collectively help her - and scheduled a care conference with us for 5/13.  I am so exhausted.  I focus on the positives, I work so hard to cuddle, snuggle, and love on her.  I praise her for the tiniest good that she does.  I try to overlook the bad and pick my battles with her.  There are a great many battles with her.  Uncle M and I work so hard with her on her speech.  School is the word we are trying to master now, as she can say DOG (instead of gog) without blinking an eye.  So that is where we stand on that front.

2.  Greenhouse is doing AWESOME!  I tried to take some photos yesterday and my camera batter died - so I hope to get some more soon.  I might just post a blog that is only photos to catch you all up on the ones from the whirl wind weekend that is before me.

3.  Drama Queen and the Vampire have both been afraid to sleep in their room.  They (usually alternate, sometimes together) both come and crawl in bed with Uncle M and I at various points of the night.  It is wearing on Uncle M.  I told him last night that he needs to be compassionate to them.  They are just children, and I remember being afraid in the dark when I was a child.  DQ says it would be nice if they had a brighter nightlight, so I will be making certain she has that tonight. 

4.  This weekend is another 5K AND dance photos!  DQ is going away with Z-man's paternal grandma for an overnight Saturday night, but I am not going to be able to let her spend the night due to dance photos on Sunday morning.  So I will be driving 45 minutes to pick her up, then bring her home, then the hour to roll her hair, then getting her off to bed.  I need to figure out what light make-up I will be putting on the Vampire.  Her skin is so white, eyes so blue.   Maybe a pale pink would look nice.  I need to play around with that tonight or tomorrow.

5.  Tornados.  Uncle M has been obsessed with the weather channel.  He watches it constantly.  To the point that last night I told him to go downstairs and watch it because I am sick to death of listening to it all.  Hopefully when tornado season is over he won't be as interested in it.  Hopefully. 

6.  Mothers day gift.  I am taking the girls and Z-man to a photography shoot this Sunday afternoon.   I hope to get some photos of them that are classic, and I want to give them to my mom for Mothers Day.  I know.  I should have thought of this like two months ago.  But I didn't.  So now I'm scrambling to find something suitable for Z-man to wear (he likes loud shirts with lightening, dragons, etc. but I want him in a pastel color and khakis).  The girls will wear their Easter Dresses - so that is easy.  I have to find something for Uncle M and I to wear too - as I wanted some of these photos for us for our family photos.  The race is on!   Why do I do this to myself!!

7.  ASD results.  A few days ago a woman called me from the ASD testing center and said that the Vampire's results are in, and could I come in on the 3rd of June to meet with the tester.  My heart sank.  The 3rd of June?  Wow.  So I spoke up, "I'm sorry, but that is so far away, I was under the impression that I would have the results in 3-4 weeks, and this Friday will have been two weeks since the testing."  The operator put me on hold for a few moments, then came back on the line, "Mam - we can get you at 4p on Tuesday the 3rd of May."  YES!!   I nearly stood up at my desk and did a happy dance.  I restrained myself however, then said calmly, "that is perfect.  I will be there on 5/3/11 at 4:00p.  Thank you very much."  So next Tuesday.  I am excited.  I am giddy.  I am nervous.  So much rides on this one way or the other.  Part of me hopes there will be a spectrum disorder found so that I can start getting her the help she so clearly needs.  The other part of me hopes that she is deemed a normal 3.75 year old child.  So I will keep you informed on what next Tuesday brings.

Thanks for reading!  I'm sorry it's so discombobulated, and promise when this nasty crud in my head goes away I will do 100% better!  Have a lovely day!!

Aunt TT

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