Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Night We Told You

We had so much to tell you.
So much to tell you, you see.
We had so much to tell you.
I could not let it be.

Uncle M and I talked with Susan.
We told her all our fears.
And after our talk with Susan.
She agreed it was best to tell you dears.

I told her that I couldn't lie to you.
She smiled and nodded her head.
I told her that I couldn't lose you.
She said told us not to dread.

Susan guided us in what to say.
We are so grateful that she was here.
She helped us on this dreadful day
When we told you that your mom is near.

Neither of you understood at first,
When we told you she was here.
Your little minds were zooming fast.
Neither of you showed a hint of fear.

There was no crying.
There was no screaming.
There was no lying.
There was no scheming.

We told you that we keep you safe.
We told you that we love you so.
And through this my heart didn't break.
And you didn't say you wanted to go.

Oh you asked to see her soon.
Susan said that would have to wait.
I didn't cry - you didn't swoon.
We let you know there is no hate.

We want to make sure she won't hurt you
You mean so much to us.
We want to make sure she won't lie to you.
Because with us - you have trust.

Susan told you that she can't pick you up from school.
She's not to see you without permission of Uncle M or I.
You understood that this was cool.
I felt a great weight lift off my heart and fly.

The drama I assumed that would ensue
Didn't occur - things seem fine. 
You both smiled, giggled, and seemed cool.
No one felt the need to whine.

So now you know. 
She is back.
And our life can go
right on track.

Aunt TT

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