Friday, May 20, 2011

The Root of All Evil

I am raising my sister's kids. I've had custody of them for nearly two years, so they're more like my own at this point in time. I pay for everything for them. I don't qualify for any gov't assistance. So the 275.00 a week for daycare comes right out of my pocket. Cha Ching. The root of all evil.

So I'm trying to come up with inventive ways to make more $$ (save $$). I've been couponing. I am not an extreme couponer and I don't want to commit coupon fraud, so no... I don't get $800.00 worth of groceries for $6.00. But the $10.00-15.00 I save on my bill helps a little bit. I have started donating plasma. Last night was my first night donating (was supposed to go last Saturday - but got stuck helping a great aunt move). I used to donate in college. It helped pay for my gas to go visit my boyfriend who went to another college two hours away every weekend. Now... I'm trying to buffer the amount of daycare costs. Pathetic huh?

Anyway I go to the plasma center and wait. Fifteen minutes after my scheduled appointment time they call me up and ask me, "Have you eaten today".
Me: "yeah"
Them: "when?"
Me: "I had a snack at 3:00"
Them: "it's 4:45 now..."
Me: "my appt was at 4:30, it seems as if you are running behind a bit."
Them: "well you can't donate if you don't eat." Do I look like I don't eat... Ummm... NO!
Me: (thinking I am eating better now than I did when I gave in college) "I did eat. I had lunch at 12:30, and a yogurt at 3:00. Does this mean I can't donate?"
Them: "well we really like it if you eat right before you donate. Hold on a second."
I wait. Five minutes later two of them walk up in their spiffy white lab coats. One of them is holding a lunchable.
Them: "will you eat this?"
Me: "do I have to eat it to donate?"
Them: "we prefer it." (AKA YES.)

I flip the lunchable over to check out the calorie content. I had 700 calories in for the day, and wanted to make sure this would be acceptable with my SP plan. I hate processed meats, but at least it was turkey. OH and the lunchable has two Oreo cookies in it. Great. So here I sit. In the waiting room eating a lunchable. Like a child. Lucky for me another guy was in the same boat. So there we sat, eating our lunchables. Everyone else in there to donate staring at us. I even caught one of the employees staring at me, and I flashed him my most confident "IT GIRL" smile and said, "Hi!" He was a little startled I was so forward after he was caught staring and he said, "Hello". Yet continued to stare. Keeping the smile plastered on my face, I then say, "how are you today?" He is now put in his place, and says, "I'm great thanks! How are you?" I must have been the first overweight chick eating a lunchable in the waiting room of the plasma place that he had ever seen.

They called me back to start the initiation paperwork, and I'm finishing up my Oreo, trying to make sure I don't have the black, crumbly tale tale signs of a child sneaking a cookie. OREOS AREN'T ON MY SP PLAN!! Then they want to take my picture! UGH!! I laugh nervously at the clerk, and she friendlier then the lunchable Nazis and says, "what?" I respond, "just trying to make sure there isn't oreo in my teeth.." She smiles and checks my smile out, assures me there is no Oreo residue then proceeds to snap the all time worst photo of me ever. It's even worse than my license photo! But I am beaten. I don't want to argue, and allow myself to be lead to the next station.

After going through the gobs of paperwork I am lead to the nurse. This lady is great at her job. She is short, overweight, has her mousy brown hair pulled back into a tight bun. She looks the part of every strict nurse in all the Hollywood movies. No nonsense. She does my physical, and doesn't crack a smile at all! Not even when I'm fighting the grin that wants to spread across my face when asked if I have ever had sex for drugs or money. That is so absurd that I want to laugh out loud. It is just so way off my personality. But I successfully suppressed my grin. I also wanted to grin b/c she would probably make a great poker player. Her face showed absolutely no emotion! But I forced myself to concentrate on the questions she was asking and resist bursting out in laughter. I'm sure she wouldn't find it very funny.

The donation it's self was relatively painless. I am always cold, and even more so when lying prone in a chair with my life's blood draining out of me. I brought a jacket, but it wasn't like covering up entirely with my nice warm quilt. The entire process, I kept telling myself this is for DQ - so she can have fun this summer at daycare instead of sitting in my office at work bored stiff. I kept reminding myself of all the fun field trips she would take weekly, and of the skating one week, bowling the next adventures she would get to do every Thursday.

When I got home I had some whole wheat pasta. I was at the donation center from 4:30 - 7:15 (first time is always longer with the physical, etc, the subsequent donations should take about an hour). I stayed right on the nose of my caloric levels for the day and even hit carbs, protein and fat right where I should. I went to sleep early, and didn't work out. This may set me back a little bit with weight loss. I hope it doesn't but times are tough, and I have two kids to feed and care for. I will be donating 2x a week at least for the duration of the summer. I wonder what other inventive things I can come up with for my daycare fund.

Aunt TT

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  1. lol! You are so cute. And wow, eating at 3 isn't good enough and they make you eat THAT? Good for you for keeping on track and going the extra mile. Love ya!