Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance. Dance. Dance.

I am a proud "dance mom".  I have the sticker on my vehicle to prove it!   This past weekend was the dance recital.  It is now Thursday and I think we are finally recovered from all the excitement.  The day started out with me getting up and taking my time getting ready to go.  I was able to center my emotions, and calm myself down a little bit.  I was so excited, nervous, scared, and exhilarated.  Around 10:00a, I left the house with the girls (hair still in curlers), while M stayed back with his family, and drove to a local gas station to get a caffeinated beverage.  It was going to be a long day.

Once at the auditorium, I unpacked our stuff, had the girls go potty, and sat down to take a few deep breaths before the chaos hit.  The other moms began arriving with their children... in full make-up/costume.  My girls were still in street clothes and curlers.  Hmmm...  I asked, and was told they were supposed to be in full costume (hair/make-up too).  So in the next twenty minutes, I rushed to get them both out of curlers, changed into their costumes, and said to heck with make up!  Everyone was on stage around 11:00 to practice the finale.  Then the girls and I sat in the audience waiting for their numbers to come up for dress rehearsal.  Vampire was number 9 before intermission, DQ was numbers 14 and 17 after intermission.  I stayed calm although Vampire was trying to run wild, and kept her consoled by feeding her an almond after every dance she sat through, and letting her play with my camera a bit taking photos.  M came up to the auditorium around 11:30, and I'm so thankful he was there.

When it was time for her to get up on stage it was around 1:15.  She ran around like a feral animal on the stage, wouldn't listen to instruction and at one point actually ran from the dance instructor.  It was chaos.  She was tired.  She was hungry.  She was grumpy.  She got kicked off the stage.  The dance teacher told me "I'm sorry.  I can't do this right now."  I told her I understand, and made Vampire sit through the performance and watch her fellow pirate tumblers.  When it was over, I calmly told M to take her to the car, let her eat her lunch, and make her nap, but be back in the auditorium around 3:00.  He did, and texted me a little bit later saying "she's asleep."  I responded "thank God."  I did not get to video the dress rehearsal, but here is a video of the leotard rehearsal for your viewing pleasure. 

DQ and I sat and ate our lunches, then we headed back down for her portion of the dress rehearsal.  I sat in the audience and fought back tears of pure love while watching her on stage dancing.  She did so well, and looked so beautiful while she did her tap performance, I beamed with pride while she did her ballet performance.  I couldn't wait till the real recital would be happening (in about an hour and a half) and my parents, M's Parents, and our friends could see these two beautiful little girls dance!

M brought the Vampire back in, and she seemed a little better after having napped.  I went backstage with the girls to apply make-up and touch up hair/costumes. Then it was time for the big show.  It went so much faster than I imagined it would.  I had time to relax, and then I had times I had to hurry and get the kids ready.  They both performed so very well.  I cried watching them because I was so stinking proud of them!  They were so beautiful.  So full of energy!  The Vampire did her own thing, and many parents told me that she was the star of the show.  DQ nailed her tap performance.  It was awesome.  She would have done well with the ballet performance, but there was another little girl who thought for sure that DQ was in her spot, and they had a bit of an argument. 

When all was said and done, we went home and changed, then went to a cookout at my aunt's house.  M's family were there, and we all played volley ball, and had a great time!  That weekend will stay in my memory forever.  Right before the recital started, I received another text from my sister.  The usual "tell the girls I love them and I miss them".  I don't know why she insists on texting now and then.  The therapist even asked why she does that.  I told the therapist that I guess it is just to let us know she's still there and thinking about the kids.  I'm unsure.  The therapist seems to think it could be a form of mental warfare that she's trying to wage.  I just ignore the text and keep moving.  I refused to let that gorgeous day be marred by my sister.  The kids did so well, and I am a proud dance mamma!

Aunt TT

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