Monday, June 13, 2011


Lil' Bit is in her first heat.  I have been calling her Hookie.  Use your imagination and figure that out for yourself.  The kiddos are young enough they haven't a clue what I am talking about.  We didn't get her to the vet in time to be spayed, so she has been... different.  On one hand, she is more loving and friendly!   She will let anyone, I do mean ANYONE pet her.  Of course she makes a spectacle of herself when they are petting her but I guess that comes with the territory.  She has done a fair amount of "catterwailing"  I think the worst of it is over, as she has started to be a little calmer than she was on my birthday when it all started.  The girls don't understand it, and we aren't really trying to explain it at this age.  M told them that she is acting funny because she is looking for a boyfriend, and if we ignore her she will quit.  I have to say, though, I have enjoyed the super lovable side she has been showing.  She is a truly great cat.  We're blessed.

We have been wearing out the Wii.   M and I finally tried the Wii Fit.   I love it!!   I am super sore today from doing 110 minutes yesterday.   It didn't seem like much, so I must admit, I over did it.  I was just having such fun.  Fun...  exercising!   Who would have guessed?  So now M and I have been competing against each other for top score in all the categories.  I've been burning up the Wii Step!!!  The girls haven't been able to play much as they have been acting out and doing a lot of yelling at us.  We have been using the Wii as incentive to stop those behaviors.  Not to say we don't let them have any fun.  We let them have plenty!   As I type this, DQ is playing a spelling game that she loves on the computer right now.  Granted, Vampire is in bed early due to screaming no at me when it was shower time, but we have to get her to listen somehow. 

This weekend (6/19) is dance recital.   I am so excited.  I have most of their stuff ready.  I just need to pick out the outfits they will wear to the recital as the shirts will have to come over their heads easily so we don't disturb the curlers (or curls) when we take the shirts off to put their costumes on.  I do have dance photos!   I will have to see if M can scan them into his computer sometime soon so I can upload them.  They came out so well, and the girls are so excited!   M's family will be here, and I am very excited to see them.  I know he and the girls are too.  One of my good friends will be at the recital with her kiddos, as will my aunt.  Anyone local who wants to go, let me know.  The tickets cost $7.00 apiece.  I'm sorry, we only got 7 tickets for our recital fees.

This weekend is also Fathers Day.  I hate that the girls will be wrapped up in dance all day long, but we weren't able to chose when the recital would happen.  No news from bio dad.  He attended the recital last year.  Last text I had from bio mom was a few days before my birthday.  I figure I will get another in the next week or two as are her habits.  I haven't told her about the recital.  I have thought about it.  Telling her that she can come and watch her kids, she just must not let them see her.  I hate to do that, though.  I don't really know what is right here.  It is such a bad situation to be in.  I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone. 

Vampire has still been doing mostly well.  She backpedaled a little bit last week, but has started this week out well.  She bit a child last week because he hit her.  M and I told her that biting is NEVER acceptable, and we expect her to walk away or tell an adult next time someone is being mean to her.  It's all we can do.

I'm going to go play a round of Wii Fit.  M thinks he can beat me at some of the Yoga moves, and I'm going to have to prove him wrong.  

Aunt TT

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