Monday, June 6, 2011

How we got a Wii...

So over the weekend, Uncle M is looking into a part time job. I hate for either of us to do that. We both all ready work at least 40 hours a week apiece. I hate for either of us to miss out on any more time with the kids. But anyway, I got really irritated with M yesterday because he was on the internet looking for a part time job and somehow... got to looking at Wii's instead. Yeah... I'm still trying to figure out the connection. Anyway, he found a Wii and gobs of games, Wii-motes, steering wheel, WiiFit (and board) Wii Just Dance (and dance mats), etc. I've been so irritated with him that I haven't bothered to look at it yet, but anyway long story short, he spent $220.00 that I was saving back as part of my emergency fund, to purchase the family a Wii. Now we are proud owners of a bright shiny white Wii. I've mixed feelings as I loathe to part with the cash, but I've always wanted to try the Wii Fit....

So how am I handling this. Last night I cried. I was emotional anyway with the text I got from my sister saying "happy early birthday.  i love you.  hug the girls for me."  I told M that I would get re-certified as a state tested nurse aide, and start pulling 32 hour weekends to make enough to cover daycare until they Vampire gets into school. He was adamant that he is the male and supposed to be the breadwinner. In the dark I was just trying to control my tears. Times have changed, but I guess he still clings to that stereotype. Remember, I pulled myself out of an abusive relationship where I was thrown out of my ex's house on a regular basis. I am now independent, and everything here is in my name, and I bear the burden of the bills. I get "rent" from M to help cover his expenses. So we had one of those late night talks where we are both exhausted, but are trying not to go to bed upset at each other, and fell asleep before I came to any kind of agreement.

M is like a kid with that Wii. He has been downloading old games to it, as the previous owner was signed up with a website to be able to do that. He has been fiddling with it in all of his spare time. I can't take the happiness from him by being angry or hateful that the money is now spent. Instead.... I have decided that it is his birthday present. Yes! His birthday is coming up in August, and I am going to tell him that since he did this, I will not give him any grief, but I will not be able to afford anything for his birthday in a couple of months. That way he will have his toy. I might be able to kick him off sometime and see how awful I am at WiiFit, the kids will enjoy playing with us, and I will be able to justify that money being gone.

The girls are very excited about the Wii.  We haven't had an opportunity to let them play it yet, but they are looking forward to it.   Another reward for good behavior!!   Speaking of behavior, V is still doing well at school.   I feel like I am starting to let down my guard a little about that.  I talk easily with the director of the daycare, and things feel... normal.  DQ looks forward to going to her daycare every day.  She LOVES the field trips, and seeing her smile reminds me that I am doing right by her. 

Dance recital is in two weeks.  I think we are ready.  It could prove to be difficult to roll their hair while M's family is down here, but I am excited that they are planning to be here for the recital!!  I'm a little nervous about the make-up, as they do better with cream based shadow, but it doesn't stay on as well.   *sigh*  I will work it out.  We get a total of 7 tickets for our guests.  I will be backstage the entire time, so those tickets will go to friends/family.  I figure we will have at least 12 people attending, so we will need to buy 5 extra tickets.  But I'm not going to complain!   The girls have a great support base, and I am so thankful for it.  I will be posting photos, etc after it is all said and done.

You will begin to see ads on my blog.  I am signing up with a few venues to put my blog out there, and maybe generate an income off my ramblings.  I hope it does not interfere with your viewing pleasure, I have tried to select ads that are well received by everyone.  Please keep reading, commenting, and enjoying what I type.  I love writing, and love hearing all of your comments!!!

Have a beautiful day!

Aunt TT

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