Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who needs words....

 ....when you have photos!

Dragon Roller Coaster 5/15

Vampire is terrified, DQ is lovin it!

V got off the coaster, DQ is loving riding alone!

Biker momma on a carnival ride

Daredevil DQ riding in a "rocket ship"

Brave child....
In the belly of a dragon


Fun House

Hamsters in a wheel



DQ hooks up with an older boy for the ride

My brave little 6 year old

Another funhouse at another carnival

M trying not to crush children in a hamster wheel!

DQ on the slide!

Worn out little Vampire

Is it a Greenhouse?  Or a Jungle?

Greenhouse corn!!




Beans and Peas

Mint, Lettuce, Carrots

Broccoli and Spinach


Garden at the patio - lots of Tomatoes

Kiddie Pool
Itty Bitty Tomato flower

Sensitive plant, you touch it, it folds up, see next photo

Same sensitive plant - after the kids touched it

Baata got himself stuck behind my bedroom dresser

DQ was in charge of dinner.  She complains regularly about what M fixes, so we decided she would be in charge of dinner (supervised).  She chose what to fix, and had to handle most of the fixing of it.  Was a good learning experience.

Kate and her shopping cart full of baby dolls

DQ (with her 3rd tooth missing), showing off her coloring book page

Lil' Bit sitting in Hobie's food bowl.  She always does this to drink.

DQ playing with her doll baby.
Aunt TT

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