Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teenagers, Camping, and Tubes

Let me start this blog off by saying I've had my fill of teenagers for a few years.  I hope and pray that everything I am doing now with the girls will help them to respect me better in their teenage years.  Teenagers really have a problem with respect these days.  I have also decided that they won't have a cell phone until they can afford to buy it and pay for the plan themselves.  May sound harsh.  Yes.  I know.  But to me....  it beats the disrespectful snotty teenager with a cell phone alternative. 

We took the girls camping this past weekend.  It was mostly fun, a little stressful, and very little aggravating.  The girls seemed to have a lot of fun, and did a lot of complaining when they couldn't swim when they wanted to.  DQ has started talking in this really annoying baby voice and become helpless when asked to tie her shoes, or general every day tasks that she could usually perform.  It seems like a cry for attention, and constantly feeding that attention hungry child is exhausting.  Did I mention that Vampire needs lots of attention too?  At any rate... it was nice to be out away from the world with the girls and M.  Mom and dad came with us, as did Z-man.  It was fun to be out with them, working together to make our meals over a fire (or gas stove... we cheated) and watching the kids run and play and have fun.  DQ suffered a burn on the back of her leg.  Vampire was stung by a hornet, and developed an ear infection over the weekend, but other than that, the weekend was fairly relaxing.  I must say that since it was a balmy 95+ degrees and humid all weekend, it was lovely to have our camper with a/c!

I have scheduled Vampire back with the ear, nose, and throat doctor.  Her right tube has come out, and the left one is probably on it's way out now.  She had an ear infection in her left over the weekend.  I fear that she will need tubes again, as she will start to develop the infections all over again.  We shall see.  All I can do is keep taking her back to them, and hoping for the best.  Poor kid. 

I haven't heard from their biological mother since the recital (6/19).  I have had news that my cousin who is living with her has lost his place to live as of 7/4, and don't know if that means they are all moving somewhere else, or just him.  I haven't pushed my aunt for more info.  Part of me doesn't care what she does as long as she stays away.  The other part of me worries about the new child (or children) in the picture.  So things still haven't changed on that front.

I have been so tired.  I took a break from giving plasma.  I'm still trying to find inventive ways to supplement the daycare income.  DQ was not accepted to the school in the district that I wanted her to attend.  I am bummed about that and trying to figure out other ways to get her in.  Someone in Uncle M's family suggested a hardship form because it is too difficult for us to drive to the school she was transferred to to get her to/from school, and she can't ride the bus due to our work schedules.  I haven't been able to locate that form, but I intend on typing a letter to them stating just that and seeing where that will take us.  I called dad crying today due to a bad day at work, money, and not knowing what I will do with DQ next school year.  Life is so overwhelming sometimes.  It sure isn't easy to be an adult.  But you never realize that until you've walked a mile in those big ole adult shoes.  Things will shape up.  I just have to keep hanging in there.

Aunt TT

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