Thursday, August 4, 2011

The past two weeks.

The last week of July, the Vampire decided to finish it with a bang.  She bit at least one person 3 out of the 5 days, hit on yet another day, then had a great day on Friday.  I don't entirely understand why.  She didn't have bad mornings, the evenings weren't bad.  But her aggression came out full force.  I stooped to bribery.  I told her that IF she can keep from hurting others...  she and I would go and do something together, just us.  She seemed thrilled at the possibility, and every day at work, I kept hoping that today was the day.  I was actually very sad that I couldn't go do something fun with her due to her unacceptable behavior.  She seemed sad, but would resume her aggression the next day.

Finally on Friday, she had her good day.  We spent a little time together one on one at Greek Fest (which happens to be next door to our house, once a year).  Uncle M. and DQ, walked over and we all got some food, then ate dinner together.  I can't explain what switch was flipped in her little head, and why she decided to begin acting less aggressive....  but since then, she has been a much better little girl.

DQ lost another tooth.  This is tooth number 5.  She has the sweetest little toothless grin. 

This is what I get when I ask the Vampire to smile.   LOL.

I am fighting with our local school system.  They re-organized the schools in the district, and DQ is not going to be attending the school she went to last year.   She will instead be going to a school that is on Academic Probation.  I am not thrilled about this.  I called a local private school to get her enrolled there, and learned that there are actually scholarships for kids who, like DQ are assigned to go to a school on Academic Probation.  This scholarship will pay her tuition to go to private school instead.  I am now on pins and needles waiting to hear if she will be accepted to the school and the scholarship.  I don't know if we will be able to do the same for the Vampire next year, but I am hoping so.  This school is a very good school, and has great test ratings.  I hope we can make this happen.

Camping photos:
The too tight goggles

Pilot Vampire reporting for duty SIR.

My Sweet Vampire and her 4th birthday cupcake!

DQ Enjoying S'mores

Greenhouse / Garden

At 8:00p.....   yeah.

Hobie in Action!

Lil Bit - found her napping in my bedding.  Sat beside her for 20 minutes before I knew she was there.

Lil Bit and her mouse - she still plays Fetch!

 Local Water park - M got some good shots!

DQ in the water

Vampire ready to spray someone!

I love this shot.

 Late July Garden shots:

The greenhouse....  didn't yield as many fruits and veggies as I would have hoped.  We have had much more luck with the little garden we planted just outside the house.  This summer has been so hot, and I think it may have been too warm in the greenhouse.  M and I will have to clean it out soon.  I wish I had thought of planting pumpkins in early July!   Bah!

Anyway that should bring you up to speed of the last few weeks.   Enjoy!!!

Aunt TT

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