Monday, August 15, 2011

School Daze

Oh it's that lovely time of year.  It has crept up on me.  I can't fathom where the summer has gone.  It is lost in a haze of work, ridiculously hot temperatures, breaking up fights between V and DQ that seem to be never ending.  Seriously!  Let's fight about who touched the hair brush last, or who gets to sit on what side of the table, or maybe the best one yet... who didn't flush the toilet.  *Sigh*  The summer of fighting!  Love.  It.  I do however unsarcastically LOOOOOVE that this is my last week to pay for daycare for DQ!  Woo Hooo!  We survived the summer with out bouncing any checks, and with very little plasma donation!!!

So now is the pre-school push.  I should have done more this weekend but that would have required taking a shower and leaving the house... and this weekend I was a total hermit!  PLUS...  since DQ will more than likely be going to a private school that she has never attended, and I didn't have the "list" of what she would need...  I didn't want to have to make two trips.  Hence the procrastination!  But now that there is a week left till the start of school....  UGH!  I do have the list after meeting with the principal.  No more excuses TT.  Just get it done. 

OK... I see your confusion.  DQ will be going to a private school (which I have to pay for) versus public school (which is "free") and I complain regularly about having the dough to pay for daycare!?!?!  Well there is a loophole!   And DQ qualifies to be one of the kids in that loophole!  Why you may wonder?  Well because our public school systems are systematically under performing.  Yup.  You heard me right.  Our schools are NOT meeting the basic criteria outlined by our state gov't.  You might not think it's such a big deal at the elementary level... but folks!  This is when kids learn to read.  This is when children learn basic math skills that like a flaky buttery delicious biscuit aren't complete without the many layers (years) piled on top of each other of math knowledge (aka buttery flakey goodness).  You can not build a good house w/o a good foundation.  So to me... elementary years are the foundation of an education.  These years are very important!  So the girls will have the best I can give them. 

Now... to the loophole.  We are (anxiously.. but trying not to appear anxious) awaiting word if we have been accepted for this scholarship.  We should know by the end of this week.  DQ has been accepted to the private school (way to go sweetie!   I knew you could do it!!!), and is slotted to start the week of 8/22.  We just don't know how we are going to pay for it if we don't get the scholarship.  I have been thinking positive thoughts.  I have been praying.  I have been hoping.  I have been hanging in the balance.  Whatever the outcome, I am positive that we will make the best with what we are given.  If I am good at nothing else in life... I am good at that.  I have decent credit and can get a loan if it comes down to that.  We will survive!  I will keep you all in tune to what we learn.

Tomorrow is a care conference meeting for the Vampire at her daycare.  She has been doing well these past two weeks, and we have been trying to fill her days with nothing but sunshine and happiness.  It isn't always easy as she is still obstinate, and has to go right when told to go left, but we are learning new coping mechanisms every day, and implementing them.  I hope to video and post her singing this "baby bumblebee" song.  If you were ever a Girl Scout, then I am certain you have heard it, but it is so stinking cute when she sings it.  I can't help but grin from ear to ear.  I will try to post that this week amongst all of DQ's back to school stuff.  I should probably charge my camera battery first...

This time of year... pretty much every year... I get the remodeling bug.  I haven't touched the basement much since I moved in, and I am finally getting started on that.  The hot pink and yellow walls are now white.  The red pole, and one wood colored paneling wall leading to the basement are now white.  A nice clean primer white... till Uncle M put his dirty hands all over it....  But that's OK.  It was easy to clean up.  We are kicking around making them a light beige and a deep navy blue when we have the extra $$ to buy paint.  M has this theater room in his mind that he would love to bring to life.  Our ideas of decorating aren't always on the same page but thus far we have been able to agree to disagree.  We shall see what the basement will become.  I want to tile the entire thing as we have had leaking issues, and it will hold up best.  He however can't fathom tile in a "living area" and would prefer to put down lanolium tiles or the click together wood flooring... but I can't stand to spend the money if it might get wet and damaged.  But there is no use dealing with it now as Lowes won't give us any flooring based on our terribly good looks (ha ha ha).

So that is what is going on in my very discombobulated mind!  I hope your summers have been well!!!

Aunt TT

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