Thursday, August 25, 2011

The search continues.

Since Monday, the Vampire has had good days at school.  I am knocking on wood right now, because I don't want that statement to backfire on me.  She has been more articulate, and imaginative.  I asked her where Bombaata was, and she says, "The Forest."  So I say which forest? 
V: "the one behind the trees." 
Me: "OK.  Show me where it is because I want to go look for him." 
V: "oh no mom.  You don't want to go there."
Me: "why not?  I want to find the kitty."
V: "there are alligators in there!"
Me: "there are?  OH NO!  How will Bombaata survive all of that?"
V: "with his claws mommy.  He will claw them."
Me: "oh.  Good.  I miss him."
My mom brought her birthday present by on Tuesday, and some of the present was new undies.  You would think that my mom gave this child the world on a silver platter.  She wears them and smiles from ear to ear.  She just had to fold them and put them all away this morning to.  That's my perfectionism shining in her I guess.

DQ is loving school.  She had an attitude with me yesterday when I picked her up, but aside from that, she's been doing great.  She hasn't complained about the uniforms yet, and says there is a little girl in 2nd grade with the very same Twinkle Toes shoes, and the very same name!  I told her that those shoes must be shoes for little girls with her name.  She just giggled at me.  I am buying fun and funky tights when I find them on sale for her to wear thru the fall/winter/spring months when it is colder.  She HAS to wear a skirt, and I know my legs would be freezing!  I found a sheer white pair with silver hearts for a dollar the other day.  Her school uniform colors are navy blue, light blue, white and gold.  So I'm keeping my eye out for tights in that color family.  They don't make many in those colors for girls!  LOL.  M has been taking DQ and my cousin (who also got accepted, and rec'd the scholarship) to school, and I have been picking them up.  My aunt said she will pick them up this Thurs and Fri. however, and that really helps.  Pick up takes my entire lunch break if I don't get in the front of the line, and parents line up as much as an hour early!  It's really crazy.  I guess they can't wait to get their kiddos home from school. 

Bombaata is still missing.  Last night was his 5th full night out in the wilds of the world.  We distributed 50 flyers with his photo, and info, and my number on them last night.  The girls helped, and had fun running up to houses and putting the flyers in the mailboxes.  We met a few of our neighbors, and talked a little bit.  We saw a cat that looks similar to him, and chased him down under a bush, only to realize it wasn't him.  It looks very similar, and my heart was in my stomach to think that I had found my baby, and find out it wasn't him.  The guy that owned the cat says, "you want him?  He's neutered."  I nearly started crying and said, "No.  I'm sorry.  I want my baby to come home."  We had a huge thunder and lightening storm last night, and I hardly slept for worrying about him out in it all.  Tuesday night we put a baby monitor and a bowl of food in the garage and left the door up a little bit.  At 12:30 we heard the munchings and crunchings of an animal eating it, and both M and I ran outside to see if it was Baata.  Sadly, this was another near miss.  It was the neighbor's cat.  He didn't come back for the rest of the night either.  I drove to the pound yesterday and looked at all the cats in the cages to make sure one of them wasn't him.  I left in tears thinking of all those cats in need of homes.  Some of them were in rough shape, having been hit by cars, or attacked by other animals and lying in the cages with the cones on their heads.  It was rough to see, but necessary.  Very sobering.  Reminded me that Baata might never come home.  I cried my entire drive home.

Gas prices soared overnight here.  It's sad.  They blame it on the impending hurricane, but I figure it has to do with the approaching holiday.  Prices took a 50 cent hike here overnight.  I'm glad I filled up yesterday.  M's allergies have been bugging him pretty bad.  I feel awful for him.  August is always hard on him.  There isn't much I can do, though.  He has been helping me hunt for my kitty, and I know it's probably even worse that we have the windows open at home.  I just can't do another $300.00 gas/electric bill.  Not with all the other expenses we have right now.

Labor day weekend will be here soon.  We have some housework to get done, as we will have house guests that weekend.  I need to get an extra key made (or borrow my key from Aunt T. for the weekend) for the guests to have as they will be here while we're still in work/school/daycare mode.  My hopes of having the basement painted a color other than white will more than likely not happen, but we plan on heading to Menards and looking around as I hear they have better paint prices than the other home improvement stores.  But the basement is fairly clean, and needs just a few more touches to be perfect.  Dance class starts the weekend of 9/12.  DQ is excited to begin.  V hasn't said much of anything but I'm sure that if I mention it to her she will be excited.  Both girls have randomly said, "mommy?"  I say, "yes?" then they say "i love you."  It happens quite a lot lately, and makes me feel like I am doing right by them.  They are happy, and comfortable, and want to tell me they love me.  They're my girls right now.  I think it makes M a little bit jealous, but I told him that when they're older, they will be daddy's girls, so let me enjoy the love right now.  I also tell them that Daddy loves them, and wants their love too, so I'm not trying to hog them or exclude him.

M and I finished the huge project we were working on when Baata escaped.  The total cost of the project would have been $130.00, but I had coupon codes for 50% off, and free shipping, which reduced the total price down to $52.00.  I'm really stoked to get them in the mail (around 9/3) and I can't WAIT to give them as gifts..... and see ours.  We worked really hard on it, and put a lot of love into it.  If you want to see what I am talking about, just tell me, and I'll send you a link.  Unless you are my mom or M's mom.  I won't be showing you now what I will be giving to you in December.  Sorry!

Aunt TT

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