Friday, September 9, 2011

A turn of the tides

Today marked the 21st day that Bombaata was gone.  I have done a lot of grieving for him over the last 20 days.  I went about the usual routine this morning, and went to work.  I took DQ to school, then went back to work.  As I drowned in paperwork and titles, I missed a few calls on my cell.  Around 11a, I looked at the phone to see two numbers that I didn't recognize.  Now since I have plastered my phone number all over the city... internet...  etc for the past 21 days, it is nothing abnormal to see numbers I don't recognize.

I listen to the messages.   The first is from my next door neighbor, saying she has seen my cat a few doors down.  I feel in my gut that although her heart is in the right place....  it's not him.  You see he has a "twin" nearby, and people have mistaken the twin for my baby.  The second is a message from a lady two blocks away, and when she said "my husband and I were grilling out last night, and I think I saw you cat.  He came out from under the neighbor's shed while we were grilling our steaks."  My brain was saying BINGO.  Bombaata might hate you, but when you break out the food, hes your best friend.

I have had so many dead ends.  I couldn't bring myself to race out of work, and run to see if it was him.  I called the lady back, and told her that as soon as I could get away from work, that I would be there.  45 minutes later, I was headed to her house.  Her house is about two blocks from mine, and the kicker... I had been in that area looking for him multiple times.  At least every other night.  I get to this woman's house, and she comes out of the door.  She guides me around the back, where she saw him last, then gets a call on her phone.  I walk around calling his name.  I am seeing no sign of him, and losing hope fast.  I keep calling, and something tells me to look over the fence.  There he is, trotting toward me between the fence and the pool that is on the other side of the fence.

He can't get to me through the fence, so he backtracks and runs around it.  I walk toward him, thinking he is heading to me, but he is startled, and he runs under the shed.  I drop down on one knee and hold food in my hand and call him.  Gingerly, he comes out from under the shed, and comes to me.  It is him.  There is no doubt in my mind.  I couldn't ever forget his sweet angelic face.  Ever.  I tell the woman (who is still on the phone) that this is my cat.  I am holding him.  He is muddy, dirty, and so thin.  He seems weak, and is trying to get away from me, but I put him in the car, and give him his food, then shut the door.  I turn to the woman and thank her over and over again, then hug her.  I tell her how special this cat is to me, and how very much it means to me that we have been reunited.  I ask her if there is anything I can do to help her, and she says that she has a cat who is pregnant, and she will need home for the kittens.  I tell her that I can't take on any more cats right now but I will try to help her find homes for them.

I bring my baby home, and make sure he is OK.  I get him more food (he is eating enthusiastically right now) then I make sure he has fresh water.  He follows me around.  It breaks my heart to go back to work.  But I am also thrilled that he is home.  My sweet kitty is home.

I bust the news on FB.  I text my friends.  I am so happy.  Today couldn't have been better.  M bathed him for me as he has fleas, and was so dirty.  He has a few scratches from fights with other animals (I assume), but none are infected or really severe.  I call the vet to get him in, and they say that he is eating and drinking, so there is no immediate medical emergency, and that they can get him in on Tuesday.  I spent the entire evening tonight with him.  He won't leave my side.  I've been coaxing him to eat.  He has spent the entire evening on my lap.  I get up to go somewhere, he follows me.  I get Vampire ready for bed, he sits right outside the bathroom.

M goes to the garage to unplug the baby monitor I have had in there for the past 21 days (and have attracted all sorts of critters from kitties to opossums with the food I have in my "trap").  I am in the bedroom near the other half of the monitor, and I hear, "I'm so happy Bombaata is home.  I love you."  Then he unplugs the monitor, and I shut off my end.  I can begin to let go of the turmoil of sitting at the back door waiting for him, being afraid to be away from the house in case he comes home, and being sad that it is raining, and I don't know if he has shelter or not.  The relief is immense.  I am so very happy.

I am concerned about how thin he is.  He was in the early signs of renal failure last year, and I hope this hasn't made it worse.  He is so weak.  He has been sleeping a lot.  I hope that in time, he will rebound from it.  He isn't any spring chicken, though.  He will be 13 in March.  Whatever happens, I am glad he is home.  I am glad that from here on out, I will be able to be there for him.  He won't have to go through it alone.  I will be there to hold his paw, and comfort him.  I am so very thankful to have finally found him.  The girls are thrilled that he is home.  M is thrilled to see me smiling again.  My parents are happy.  Life is good.

20 minutes after he was home

A shot to show you how thin he is.

After bath, and laying on my lap for awhile.

Skin and bones, I hope to get him healthy again.

Aunt TT


  1. Hi,
    I posted a comment on your blog few days back on your post "when life throws lemons at you" but i do not see it here..maybe it wasn't posted :(

    Btw I am so happy for your reunion with your lil pet....It feels great to have victory finally..

    Well leme introduce you *again*...I am Apurva from INDIA and I found your blog from have been following you since then...

    Have an amazing weekend with your cat and have loads of happy time ^_^

    P.s. Look forward to hearing from you

    <3 Apurva

  2. Hi,
    I am so glad to have finally heard from you.Thank you for replying me back and commenting on my post also. ^_^ I am glad to be your friend.And just pray that whatever posts you put down in future are about positive stuff happening in your life.

    <3 Apurva

    P.s. Do keep in touch :D