Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Vampire Turns FIVE!

Five years ago today I was at work.  I received a phone call around 11:30a from my sister that she was in labor.  I raced to the hospital.  I got there around 12:00, and my sister was dilated at 3cm.  Mom was there, and this was our third time helping my sister bring kids into the world.  Z-man and DQ took awhile to make their appearances.  So we figured we had a little while with this one.  We decided to run down to the cafeteria and have a quick bite of lunch before all of the labor and delivery began.

Once in the cafeteria, we heard our names being paged over the loudspeakers, and we ran back up to my sister's room.  In the 5-10 minutes we were gone, she had dilated to 10cm, and was ready to push.  V made her entrance into this world around 1:00p.  It was magical.

Much of her life has been in the same manner.  She's always in a rush.  Always has to be in control.  Always has to have her say in things.  She's just a really strong willed kid.  And it's a good thing that she usually always knows what she wants.  Daddy (Uncle M) asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner and she said, "McDonalds Happy Meal."  He said, "sure you don't want to go to Applebees and have them sing Happy Birthday to you and give you Ice Cream?"  And she said, "Then we will bring McDonalds to Applebees!"  We wound up at McDonalds.
Great first serious boyfriend photo!

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Ice Cream


She got all dressed up, and felt like a star!

We tried to get her ears pierced, a tradition in our little family on the 5th birthday, and something she thought she really wanted.  The ladies at the store worked really hard trying to coax her into getting it done, and were very patient with her.

They even had her sit on mommy's lap, to help her feel brave, but she psyched herself out due to the fear of the pain, and couldn't bring herself to go through with it.  We told her it's OK, that if she wanted to try again next year when she turns 6, we will try then.

Her birthday party is on Saturday.  She wanted to have a skating birthday, so that is what we shall have.  She also wants a pony cake (not to be confused with a pony KEG - which is exactly what it sounds like she is saying) - so daddy and I will be busy tomorrow night trying to make some sort of pony CAKE.   LOL.

Our 4th of July was good.  The morning was a parade that the girls were in with their dance company:

Happy Independence Day!

From there we ate lunch with Mamaw and Z-man, then Mamaw took Z-man, DQ, and V to our Great Aunt's house for some swim time while Daddy and I went to help Uncle Jake and Aunt Britt with their house addition.  Daddy and I helped Uncle Jake and Papaw hang drywall for a few hours, then picked up DQ and V to take them swimming with some of my friends.

It was a lovely day.

This weekend will be hectic.  We have a birthday party for V, then we have to pack our bags for VACATION!   Daddy will be leaving on Sunday at 3:00a, I will be flying down on Tuesday to meet up with them, and we are going to visit my good friend who moved to FL a year ago.  It will be so fantastic to see her and her family!!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July!!!

Aunt TT

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