Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day Therapy school and Car Crashes

Where do I begin?  There is so much to tell you.  Let's take this blog chronological style.

10/19: V starts the Day Therapy School.  She likes everyone there, but when pushed to follow rules, and listen to the adults, she turns on her stubborn streak and begins acting aggressively, etc.  She is the only little girl out of 16 children, and she doesn't like that very well.  I take this as a sign that little boys act out more often than little girls?

10/20:  We don our zombie costumes and head to a local costume contest.  V was a girl scout zombie, DQ was a cheerleader zombie, M was a groom zombie, and I was a bride zombie (which was very popular by the way...)  We walk around in the chilly 45/50 degree weather, and get many compliments on a job well done.  M had taken some film footage of the costumes before we had left the house (thankfully). 

We learned that the contest wasn't till later in the evening, and by now, it was 5:30.  So we decided to leave.  We all piled in my 98 Ford Explorer, and headed for home.  On the way home, a lady ran a red light and hit me in the passenger side of my vehicle.  I was terrified.  My children were in the car.  But somehow I could tell that they weren't hurt, just scared.  V was crying for me to get her out (it hit on her side), and DQ was stunned.  I shoved all my fear deep down and climbed out to comfort my girls, and make sure they were OK. 

Now this was an awful thing.  I'm so sad it happened.  But imagine hitting a vehicle with children in it, and seeing blood all over the inhabitants of the vehicle's faces...  Yes, that is what the young woman driving the car saw.  She was so afraid she had hurt my children, and I kept explaining that it was fake blood, and we were on the way home from a costume contest.  I felt really bad for her.  So bad in fact that I never wanted to put my costume on again (even though I made it all, from scratch, by myself, and it took me HOURS).  At least M got the footage for a video right?!?!

Middletown Zombie Attack

10/22-10/26:  I was wrapping up the first fundraiser of the season for the dance studio.  Did I mention that I stepped up to be a fundraiser booster parent?  We sold McDonalds peelers, and I was trying to get all the parents who took peelers to make sure they turned them in.  On top of all of this, I was working with the insurance company and the body shop at the dealership I work for to get me an estimate to repair my vehicle.  They decided the vehicle would cost more than it was worth to fix, and totaled it out.  I had brand new tires on it too. 

M and I started internet shopping for a new vehicle, because the car lot I work for didn't have exactly what I wanted.  We found a private individual who was selling a very nice 2003 Ford Explorer, and began talking with him about purchasing it off of him.  We drove down Friday and looked at it, and decided it was what we wanted, but he didn't have the title, so we told him we would have to wait until next week when he received the duplicate he applied for.

During this time, V is still testing the employees at the Day Therapy Center.  She is playing all her cards trying to gain the upper hand on these trained professionals.  She urinates on herself daily in protest of what they have asked of her.  But they continue to focus on and reward the positive, while sending her to time out, and re-directing the negative.  M and I begin to see small changes in V.  She is saying, "Yes Mommy" and "Yes Daddy" 4 out of 10 times when asked to do something like put her shoes on, or go to bed!  She is not as responsive when it is something she doesn't want to do, but it is a start!   We are thrilled with this small change.

10/27-10/29:  Finish wrapping up peelers fundraiser, and begin working hardcore on the next fundraiser, Child Care.  Yes we are offering Holiday Child Care on 4 days in the next two months.  Drop your little ones off for up to 5 hours, and go do your holiday shopping.  We are also doing gift wrapping!   Have your shopping done?  Just want an evening out?   Bring your kids by!!  If you are one of my FB friends, check my timeline, I have the flyer posted!!!  This is all in an effort to raise money for the competition team to go to nationals this year.

10/30:  We take the girls and their brother Trick-Or-Treating in Mamaw and Papaw's neighborhood.  This is tradition.  We have done this even before my sister left.  I would walk around with them even before they became... mine.  Halloween was always a fun time for us.  I noticed this evening just how much the girls brother, Z-man has progressed and matured.  Three years ago it was very difficult to walk him around.  He would pout, be obstinate, yell at us, refuse to listen.  This time however, he encouraged the girls to stay close to us, listened when we asked him to do things, etc.  He was a joy to be around.  I was so proud of him.  So proud of my parents for helping him come this far.

Z-man, DQ, and V - Halloween 2012

10/31:  We meet with the wonderful gentleman who was selling the '03 Explorer, and make the trade, check for title.  We bring it back to town, and I take delivery of it from my dealership.  I have another good, sound vehicle!!   I turn in the mini van rental I had been driving.  I think the girls were a little sad to see it go.  They loved playing with the doors that opened by push of the button.

11/1:  DQ was up sick a good portion of the night.  No fever, but vomiting.  M stayed up with her, as I was so exhausted.  He stayed home with her today too.  He is so amazing. 

We had parent teacher conferences for DQ in the evening.  The teacher bragged about how intelligent DQ is, and about how close she is to knowing ALL of her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th AND 5th grade sight words.  She said this is very rare for a 2nd grader to be able to read most of her 5th grade sight words (40/50), and she is very happy with her progress, and will keep pushing her to achieve more.  She promised us that if DQ masters her 5th grade words, she will find a 6th grade list (do they have sight words in 6th grade...) and have her begin working on that.  She said DQ does talk a lot, but they are working on it together, and she is confident that she will get it under control.  We are so proud of her!

We also recieved school photos.  It was uncanny to me how very much V and DQ look like their bio mom and I when we were children.  Memories of our childhood came rushing back to me, and for a few moments, it was difficult to concentrate on what DQ's teacher was saying.  I kept staring at those little faces.  One that looked so much like mine... and the other that looked so much like my sister.  Part of me wanted to call my sister up and tell her all about how proud she would be of DQ and her good report card, and of V's progress in this day therapy school.  Maybe one day I can just show her this blog, like I will the children.  Here are the photos I posted to FB... to show you the similarities. 

My sister and I twenty-six years ago

DQ and V's 2012 school photos

So that should bring you up to speed on what has been going on.  I will keep you updated on V's progress at this Day Therapy Program!

Aunt TT

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