Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our first Competition

So this year, our little family has delved a little deeper into the world of dance.  DQ is doing competition dance this year. 

I am new to the world of competition dance.  The extent of my dancing as a child was ballet in kindergarten, and mom didn't keep me in it b/c the instructor spent a lot of time pulling her leotard up (she was rather busty).  I assume it was also b/c of the cost.  But that's another story.   I was in Band (GO Marching Indians!!) and Girl Scouts.  So the only prepping I have had is watching Dance Moms, and listening to the other moms in our dance company talk about the year before.  I guess it helps a little that I'm a neurotic Type A, who over packs, and pushes myself to perfection. 

This entire experience has reminded me just how transforming love can be.  I am typically the quiet, shy, wallflower....  because of DQ's love of dance, I am now the Booster Parent for the dance company, I am learning ways to do hair/make-up, and I'm learning how to communicate with my fellow man (woman).  I am still me, but in a lot of ways... I'm not.  I mean I stress easily, and I was so calm today.  I was nervous for DQ, but aside from that (and feeling like crying b/c I was so proud of her), I was astoundingly calm.  I'm not getting cocky...   I'll be shocked if I can be as calm at the next competition.  But today was just plain amazing, and I felt such a swell of love for my sweet DQ.  It's nearly impossible to put into words.

Mamaw, Papaw, M, and V were there in the audience cheering DQ on.  Her dance group did three dances, Jazz (Itsy Bitsy Teensy Weensy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini), Tap (Oh La La), and Ballet (True Colors).  The girls received Gold 1st place for jazz, Gold for tap, and High Gold 1st place, and OVERALL 4th place (out of 5) for the Ballet.  This was pretty good, as we went into it just hoping for a special recognition award (best smile, best costume, etc.). 

It was a good day.  I didn't get as many photos as I wanted today.  We were on a time crunch as I am sure you can imagine.  Here are the photos I got of the girls on the way to the competition:

V otw to competition
DQ before make-up was done

And at the competition:
DQ in her tap costume

DQ in her jazz costume
So we survived our first competition.   I am excited for the next!   Hopefully I will have better photos to share with you when that one rolls around!!

Aunt TT

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