Thursday, February 14, 2013

Parent Teachers 2013

Last night was parent teacher conferences.  It was a stressful evening.  We all went together, and brought V's Leapster and DQ's tablet so they would have something to do while M and I spoke with DQ's teacher.  V decided that she didn't want to play her Leapster.  She would rather run around wild and crazy and pull out all the books instead.  She has a book fetish.  She loves to drag them all out and look at all the pictures, but when we try to work on her with reading she gets all angry and runs off screaming. 

So DQ's teacher is a lovely woman.  I'm very happy that she has our DQ.  She has carefully tended to DQ's love of learning, while gently pushing her to achieve higher and higher scores.  She is so proud of DQ's scores and bragged on them non stop.  She can read and spell all of the expected sight words for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.  She's in 3rd grade.  Her SRI score started out at a 488 at the beginning of the year (expected for the end of the year is close to 400).  They took the SRI again on Monday, and her score was 684.  The teacher said that she is a leader in the classroom in math, and the other children look to her (and a couple of other kids) when they have trouble working out math problems.  She does talk a little more than she should, but the teacher said that if her schoolwork isn't suffering, and she isn't being disruptive, that they will continue to work on it, but we shouldn't be overly concerned. 

She also told us that we need to speak to her music teacher, that she wanted to see us.

We thank her for a job well done, and praise our DQ for her job well done, then we head to the music room.  The music teacher told us that she doesn't say this often, or lightly, but that DQ is exceptional when it comes to music.  That she believes she is a natural talent, and has been given a musical gift.  She encouraged us to get her into voice lessons, and have her audition for the children's theater here in our area.  She told us her pitch is naturally nearly perfect, which is rare.  She had DQ tell us the musical terms posted on their board, which she did flawlessly. 

The gym teacher did send a note for her classroom teacher to include in the paperwork, that she talked excessively, out of turn, and wouldn't stay in her seat....  in gym....

But we did talk to DQ and tell her she needs to work on her talking out of turn, and listening to her teachers.  If they tell her to sit down in her seat, she should do it.  But if she is excelling in the classroom and music... I'm not going to be too hard on her for not excelling in gym.

V unfortunately is the other side of the coin right now.  The therapist thinks she is feeding off of negative attention.  So WHEN she is doing a negative behavior for attention, we are now supposed to ignore her.  It's so hard to tell sometimes if it is for negative attention or not.  She is such a smart child.  So we are punishing her as little as possible, and ignoring as much as we can, while praising everything good she does.  It is so exhausting and difficult.  I really hope this is what we need to do to help her, still trying to re-train that little brain. 

So that is an update on our lives!  I hope all is well in yours!!

Aunt TT

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