Sunday, March 17, 2013

2nd Competition 2013

This competition was away from home, and was such a reality check.  There were some really good groups performing there!  To give you an idea of how good, do any of my readers watch Dance Moms?  Well Justice who used to dance for Candy Apples was there.  Cute little redhead guy, very skilled dancer for his tender age.  The dance academy that he dances at now is huge... and awesome.  Just about every dance they did was one of those dances that you can't take your eyes off of.  Literally, you're sitting there, lost in the music and beauty of the dance, and you're like daggone... I just spilled my ice cold water all over myself, and didn't notice.

 We arrived at the hotel on Friday night.  When dancing competitively, there is usually a hotel near the place the competition will be held that is called a "host hotel".  We arrived at the host hotel around 8:00p.  We let the kids go swimming, and I thought it would be harmless...  boy was I wrong.  DQ was climbing out of the pool after I had been sitting there thinking about how good she was being, and the next thing I know, she is standing in front of me sobbing, saying she hit her teeth on the side of the pool when climbing out.  I look, and she has totally chipped both of her two front permanent teeth.

Night before competition.
Imagine how awful she felt and how worried she was.  Everyone was so great, though, and told her how pretty her smile is even with her chipped teeth.  I was so thankful for that.  Tomorrow I'll be calling the dentist to see when I can get her in and get them checked out.  They are sensitive and she couldn't eat the apple she wanted this morning without it being cut up first.  I hope they aren't damaged to the nerves.

Where are V and M you ask?  Home.  M kept one of the other dance mom's daughters and V, while we went off to be dance moms.  It helped immensely.  V and the other little girl would have been dreadfully bored sitting through all of the performances that we sat through.  When V is bored she creates fun things to do.  Fun things are usually things that are not so fun for mommy.  So I can't say thank you enough to daddy for having kept both little girls.  They seemed to enjoy their weekend with him too.

Saturday we got up around 7:30a and started getting ready for the competition.  We ate the breakfast provided by the hotel (BELGIAN WAFFLES), then went back to the hotel room to do the girls' hair before leaving to head to the convention center.  Which by the way was gorgeous!

The Convention Center
Front of the Convention Center
 What am I talking about... the whole town was gorgeous.   I don't know if you can tell, but all of these homes, schools, Wendy's, Burger King, KROGERS, you name it, were of brick construction.  There was white fence as far as the eye can see.  Jogging trails, nature preserves, etc.

 I was in awe of what a pretty community this was.  And how could I forget the round-abouts?!?!  Instead of a 4 way stop at most intersections they had a European round-a-bout.  My mom was driving and a bit timid about it at first (who could blame her....  I was too!), but after going through them a few times she was a pro.  The competition should give out round-about mastery awards!

 So here's the photos I got from this competition.  The yellow costume is for Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (we're adding the polka dot rhinestones in the next week or two)  The blue is for their ballet, True Colors, and the striped and blue costume is for their tap, Oh La La.

At the end of the day, we let the girls go back to the swimming pool and have a blast.   I was nervous about this, but no more teeth were chipped.  A kid can't live in a plastic bubble...  even though sometimes as a mom you really want to put them there.

Sunday we were up early, and raced to see a duet that two girls from our dance group were performing.  We didn't make it in time, and I felt really bad about missing it.  We didn't miss their awards, though.  Then we stayed to watch the teens perform their numbers, and ended up leaving to head home around 4:00.  After dropping everyone off that rode with us, I made it back home by 6:30, and am unwinding before Monday begins a new week.

We had fun.  I had butterflies in my stomach waiting for DQ to perform.  Other than DQ breaking her two front teeth, it was a fantastic weekend.  I nearly forgot, the girls received a special judge's award for the ballet called the "heartwarming award", the won gold in Jazz, elite gold and 1st in their category for ballet, then elite gold for tap.  They won 9th overall (out of 10 places) for their jazz number.  I can't wait for the next performance in April!!!  I love watching these girls grow and become better dancers!

Aunt TT

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