Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Break 2013

What a wild, crazy, and busy summer break this has been.  Where to start.....

In the beginning of June we drove to MI to pick up our Rent-A-Teenager (R.A.T.) for the summer.  She has been such a blessing, and I've truly enjoyed getting to know her better.  I'm thankful to her mom for letting her come stay with us.  She has been watching the girls while M and I are at work.  I know that caring for DQ and V is not an easy job, so I commend her for making it this long.  I'm a little sad to see her go home in two weeks.

The girls had a photo shoot in mid June with the same fantastic photographer who took their photos last year.  We asked that she photograph the R.A.T.  as well, and our R.A.T. really seemed to enjoy it.  I was glad to give her that opportunity. 

Near the end of June was the girls dance recital.  It was as always a stressful day.  It was bittersweet for me as V has decided not to dance anymore, so it was her last recital.  But she has decided to do karate, and the Sensi at her Dojo is amazing with her.  I couldn't be happier with the results.  She seems to be turning into a different kiddo. 

DQ and her friend Nanoo
V and her friend Nanoo
 Also in the end of June I celebrated my 4th Mamma-Versary.  I celebrated this year.  The past few years I tried to celebrate, but was always held back by feelings of guilt and frustration about how I became these lovely little girls mother.  I went out for a pedicure, bought myself a new bra, and just had fun with our R.A.T. 
The Rent A Teenager and I

In the beginning of July V was tested for psychological problems.  Part of my promise to help her get on the right track.  So many folks have mentioned that they are worried about bi-polar disorder, that I had see if there was any basis to it.  After all the testing was said and done, they decided she has ADHD, not bi-polar disorder.  Which was a relief to me.   I really don't want to medicate my sweet V, and made that clear to them.  They told me that I can try to fix it naturally, and in 6 months if I would like to medicate, that I can.  I hope it never comes to that.  The long term effects of these drugs have not been established yet.  Here are a few websites I have found to be very informational, and I will be implementing as much of this as I can.  I will be overhauling the girls diets to say the least.

8 Natural Ways to Treat ADHD

WEB MD info about ADHD

ADHD Parenting Tips

Alternative ways to manage ADHD

Mid July we took a vacation!  We met up with one of my best friends (and her family of course) in Savannah for a few days.  It was such a beautiful city, and we truly enjoyed being with our friends. 


Bonaventure Cemetery
We headed to Myrtle Beach after that.  DQ's dance team performed very well, and the teens were invited back to dance in the Battle of the Stars.   They were the only ones in their division invited back to dance, so it was very prestigious.  We had a fun time, and enjoyed our hotel room right across the street from the beach.  I'm so happy we were able to do this!

In the midst of all of this, I have obtained a part time job sewing promotional bags for a local Soap Store.  The business owner makes all of her own soap products, and has for years.  She is great to work with and my friend and I are excited to be sewing for her.  We have to deliver 100 promotional bags, 50 make up bags, and 100 lipstick holders to her by November 1st.  This is a little side venture to make money for DQ and V to do what they love off of my mild sewing talent.  I only hope I can keep up with the talent of my friend whom I will be sewing with! 

I will also be doing the job of fundraiser booster parent for DQ's dance company again this year, and have submitted the list of monthly fundraisers to the owner of the company.  It will be a busy year.  I have a lot of new and exciting stuff planned, that I hope will help fund the girls dancing. 

DQ will be doing a solo this year, and we will be learning what it is on Tuesday evening.  I am so excited as is she.  She wants to audition for The Nutcracker a huge production that a local ballet company puts on, and I am waiting on approval from her dance teacher for this, because I want to make certain it will not conflict with her competition dancing, as that was her first commitment. 

I have been learning to eat cleaner on a dietary plan called Whole30.  I am feeling amazing on this plan, and will continue to follow it.  It helps with my energy levels, and with all the stuff above I told you about... I'm going to need all the energy I can get. 

The girls go back to school in less that two weeks!   I need to get started on school shopping!!

I hope your summer has gone well too!

Aunt TT