Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shame on me....

It is pouring rain right now.  The skies are black.  The heavens are weeping.

I haven't been on social networking sites much recently.  There has been so very much going on in my little bubble.  I have dealt with some pretty intense things since 9/2/13.  But none as intense as a friend of mine.  I climbed on my social networking site this morning to learn that a friend from high school lost her nine month old baby on Saturday, 9/7/13. 

Shame on me for complaining about spending 10-15 hours combing my DQ's hair trying to get the lice out.  At least I could hold her in my arms when the combing was done, and she was irritated at me for making her sit for such long bouts of time... and I could tell her I love her.

Shame on me for sending V to bed early last night because she was getting on M's and my last nerve, causing every form of mischief she could.  At least I could kiss her on the forehead as she slept, and whisper how very much I love her. 

Shame on me for all of the times I have longed for my life before my children.  When things were simpler, and I didn't worry about them constantly.  At least they are alive to worry about.

Shame on me for the times I have chosen to work, clean, or watch T.V. instead of play with my children.  I should enjoy them while I have them.  None of us are promised tomorrow.  

I write this blog today with the heaviest of hearts.  I can not focus.  I can not concentrate.  I know that today, my friend will be laying her baby to rest.  I can only fathom how she feels, but I know she has to be questioning everything.  Why such a beautiful, vibrant, perfect little girl could be given to her, then ripped from her so quickly.  She is a woman of faith, and I hope that faith will be able to pull her through this tragedy.

She is also a single parent, and I know this has to be hard financially, although I am sure that is the last thing from her mind.  She has been a cheerleading coach for years, and through that, and the many other good deeds she has done, people from all over have pulled together, and created a fundraiser for her.  I am sure she is missing a lot of time at work, not to mention the unexpected burden of funeral costs....  for a nine month old baby.

I write this blog to remind myself, and anyone who reads it to cherish every moment with your loved ones.  I write this blog to raise awareness of Mindy's cause.  But above all else, I write this blog to give Mindy comfort.  To let her know that I love her.  To let her know that I am here for her.  To let her know that I want to help her in any way I can.  The only way I know to help her is to spread the word about the Memorial Fund set up in her honor, and to let her know I am here.

So please share this information on your social networking sites.   Then spend a little time with your loved ones, and hold them a little closer tonight.

TOPS Strong for Mindy

Sleep Well, Sweet Angel.

Aunt TT

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