Monday, October 28, 2013

Harvard or Joffrey?!?!

OK...  So I know it's a little early to start college planning.  But it's never too early to start college dreaming.  That I what I am trying to foster at least.  V is a little too young, and her ADHD diagnosis is still too in the way to hear me, but DQ isn't.

***** Warning :  Mommy bragging about to begin *****

DQ has straight A's on her report card.   I couldn't be more proud.  When I read the report card, and the remarks the teacher left for her, I looked her square in the eye, and said, "If you do this the rest of your school career, no door will be closed to you.  You can get into any school you want, and might even land a scholarship."  She beamed at me and said, "The Joffrey Ballet school?!?!"  I was thinking Harvard, but as long as she is happy, and doing what she dreams, I will support it.  So I nodded, and reminded her that she needs to apply the same dedication to dancing as she does school to get into the Joffrey.  So very proud.

****** Bragging over.  Wasn't so bad was it? *****

We haven't received V's report card yet.  She doesn't really struggle with her academics, she struggles with her behavior.  With being able to sit still, focus, and listen.  To keep her hands to herself, her mouth to herself, and recently, has regressed back to eating non food items (glue, paper, pencil erasers, etc.).  Even when I am doing her flash cards with her, she can't contain her excitement at getting a word correct and grabs my face to kiss it, or throws her arms around me (and bops me in the lip) to hug me.  She doesn't mean to hurt me, but she's just so rough, that she does.  I understand that, but I know it's rough for her classmates to understand.  It is hard for her teachers to sometimes control.  I have been told that because of her bad behavior, she might not be invited on the next Kindergarten field trip to a local aquarium.  I am trying to see when it will be, because a friend suggested I try to go with her to minimize her behaviors.  I think it could work.  Just have to get the time off work to do it. 

When V starts her school day out she gets 100 points just for showing up at school.  As the day goes on, she can earn bonus points for doing good things... or lose points for doing bad things.  For the past few weeks, she has been coming home with -17 to -120 points.  We haven't been able to pinpoint an exact reason.  Her teacher and I have been in quite a bit of communication about everything.  Through this, I have made a very very tough decision.

Tuesday 11/5, I have an appointment with the local Children's Hospital to medicate V's behaviors.  I am hoping I have made the right decision.  I understand that only time will tell.  With an ADHD diagnosis, the methods we have been trying have not pulled her behavior up enough that she can focus.  So maybe this will work.  I am afraid.  I know many parents have walked in my shoes, and they all say that the medication helped their children, and I need to put my fears aside and help her.  So that I what I am doing now.  I really hope I am doing the right thing. 

The girls are excited for Halloween.  I haven't had time to make costumes this year.  We bought DQ's, she will be Cleo De Nile (from Monster High), and V said she wants to be a ghost.  She suggested we get a white sheet, cut eye holes, and that she would be so happy.  Love that this kid is so easy to please!

Everything is still on the right track for the big announcement I mentioned a few blogs back.  Things are going so well, that I may be able to move my announcement date up to Thanksgiving instead of the first week of December.  I can't wait to share this new development with you my readers!

Have a fantastic day!

Aunt TT

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