Thursday, October 17, 2013

Orange Belt Baby!

My friend that I wrote of in my last blog who tragically lost her 9 month old daughter a little over 38 days ago has astounded and amazed me.  With every post she makes on her Allistrong page I am in shock and awe of how strong she is after suffering such loss.  I want to share her page with you my readers because even if you haven't lost a child - her words are uplifting and invigorating.


There is so so so much going on in my household right now.  I will touch on what I can for now. 

DQ did not make the Nutcracker this year.  One of her friends did, though and we are so very excited for her.  DQ was a little sad she didn't get in, but I told her that it is OK and if she wants we will know more to be able to try next year.  She has been working hard on her solo, and I need to get started on her costume. 

I've still been sewing for the local soap store.  I am nearly done with this project, and am so thankful for the chance to do this.  Hopefully it will be successful for the soap store owner!

V graduated from a white belt (beginner) to an Orange belt in Karate yesterday.  I am so proud of and happy for her.  She was quite proud of herself too!  She saw her belt hanging on my bed this morning and looked at M and said, "I earned that!"  I smiled and M nodded his head at her.  We are quite proud!

DQ is doing well in school right now, she is so intelligent.  V has mastered the first 16 "sight words" that she needs to know for Kindergarten, and her left handed handwriting is improving quickly.  V still struggles with her behavior, and we know that is to be expected.  We stay in constant contact with the teacher, and hope to just pull her through this.

If everything goes as planned, I will have a major announcement to make sometime in early December, so stay tuned!!

Aunt TT

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