Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Moooooom! DQ said the "C" word!"

We finally got V's medicine yesterday.  When she got home from school (it was 40 degrees outside), and she comes trotting off the bus without a coat.  She comes in the house, and all serenity flies out the window.  She kicks off her shoes, flings her backpack on the couch, and starts fighting with anyone she can.

I am so tired of the fighting.  So tired of the screaming.  So tired of living in a war zone.  I don't know how M feels about it.  I don't think he likes it either.  I feel sorry for DQ, as I know she is building a resentment towards her sister because everything is always a fight.  Here I sit with the meds in my lap.  I had just finished reading all the legal jargon.  The possible side effects, etc.  I looked at M, and said, "Although we agreed to begin this on a weekend...  let's start this now.  We know it won't be in her system for longer than 3-4 hours.  Let's see if this will help."

M shrugged his shoulders and called V into the kitchen.  He gave her a handful of chips to munch real quick.  The medicine doesn't say it needs to be taken with food, but better safe than sorry right?!?!

I would say there was a difference in her 15-30 minutes after she took the little purple pill.

It wasn't terribly noticeable at first glance.  But she was better able to handle multiple directions.  Like put your coat on AND zip it up.  When before she may have been able to get her coat on, then be onto something else, neglecting the zip it up part.  She went to karate class shortly there after.  Sensi said she had the best class she has ever had, and he was quite proud of her.  Because she did so well, he let her be the shark in the game they play now and then called shark and minnows.  Where the shark has the same amount of moves to catch the minnows.

We went to therapy after that.  I watched her carefully the entire time.  She was able to sit more still, and handle direction better.  She did have a melt down because she wanted to look at the fish in the fish tank, and Susan had asked her to stop, and she didn't want to.  She had a hard time pulling out of it, but finally did what Susan asked and looked at her without having her hands in her face, and listened to Susan.  Susan promised her that if she could behave herself thru the session, at the end, she would take her to see the fish, but that V would have to uphold her end of the bargain.  V smiled, said yes, and was good the rest of the session.

There was a clarity in her eyes.  It was odd.  Like she was better understanding things I was saying to her.  I don't know if M noticed it or not.  We didn't get a lot of time to talk about it before bed time.  But I noticed.

Once home, I ran down to switch out the laundry.  Both girls were upstairs, and had just finished their showers.  I hear V shouting from upstairs, "Mom!   DQ said the "C" word!"  Now keep in mind... usually...  when DQ does something V thinks she shouldn't, V will hit her, push her, yell at her, or try to "punish her" herself.  I am sitting on a kitty litter bucket between my washer/dryer, sorting laundry, and am in shock.  Next there would usually be a scuffle.  In place... was the thundering of feet running to the top of the stairs to the basement, then running down.  The whole while, V is still saying, "Moooom!   DQ said the "C" word!"

I am thinking "C" word.  What on earth is she talking about?  Christmas?  That isn't a cuss word.  The four letter C word, that foul mouthed rappers drop left and right?  The one that is degrading to women?  My goodness... where did she hear that?  Oh my!  I am trying to clarify it with V (the 6 year old) and I say, "what C word?"  She says, "You know.  THE "C" word."  I say, "No sweetie.  I don't know what "C" word.  Can you tell me which one?"  "I don't want to get in trouble,"  she then lowers her voice to a whisper, and says, "she said Crap." 

Can you imagine my relief?  Not only did V NOT hit her sister.  But DQ didn't say a word that was all that bad.  I am OK with Crap.  I let V know that she shouldn't tattle tale on her sister, but I appreciate that she didn't hit her, then ask her to help me finish with the laundry.  You see if you keep V busy, with small household tasks, she stays out of trouble.   She loves it too.  I consider myself blessed to have a child who doesn't mind helping with house work.

We gave her another pill before school today.  I e-mailed her teacher, and let her know what is going on, what I witnessed, and asking her to keep in touch with me about what she witnesses.  Hopefully this helps.

Stay tuned to my blog two weeks from today!  Maybe I will unveil my recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal peanut butter cookies!?!?!

Aunt TT

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