Friday, November 8, 2013

Random Ramblings from the Mind of Aunt TT

Everyone else is talking about Miley Cyrus.  I might as well.  I watched her Wrecking Ball video because I actually like the song.  I felt like I was watching pornography.  I hope I can keep the girls from seeing that video for a long time.  If it's this bad when they're young, what will it be like in 4-5 years...   *shudder*  I like the song because it reminds me of how fiercely I loved my ex husband, and how he continually tried to wreck me.  All except for the, "I will always want you." part that is.  It also reminds me that I walked away.  That I have a new life now.  One that is all ready better.

French toast sticks from Sonic taste better, but are way cheaper at Burger King.  I know SparkFriends.  This is a really bad for you food.  I had a moment where I wanted to indulge myself.

My third grade teacher is quite the amazing guy.  I'm continually shocked at how many people he knows just because he is amazing.  Like our own local celebrity... who is humble, doesn't try to one up anyone, and takes his celebrity-dom with grace and brilliance I have seen from no other.

To my friend (whom I will not name), who is struggling with depression right now.  Things will get better.  I worried about you last night, and stopped by your house, but wasn't sure which was yours or your neighbor's.  So the car sitting outside your home for 3-5 minutes was me trying to look through my phone for the address you gave me years ago.  Didn't find it.  So I drove off.  Didn't want to leave a cryptic message for your neighbor - only you.  There is a light at the end of every tunnel.  Sometimes we just have to look really hard to see it.

I nearly cried watching DQ run her solo last Saturday.  The other moms, and all the other kids were gathered watching.  It was pretty amazing.  Sure she has room to improve, but if she keeps at it, she will definitely impress the judges.  She also looked adorable (as did the other girls) in their Christmas Parade Dance.  Speaking of which - if you would like to come see the BBDC girls dance, the Christmas Parade is November 30, at 4:00p, message me and I will get you details.  It's a Macy's Day Parade style with announcers, etc.  Hopefully it will be warmer than last year.  The poor girls nearly froze their little feet and legs off last year.  I may put two pair of tights, and find some hot pad of some sort to put in DQ's shoes this year.  I was honestly worried about her being frostbitten last year.

Sometimes it is amazing to me how very much I love V, even though she can be the most rotten child I have ever met.  The more rotten she is.  The more stubborn I am.  Sometimes I feel like she is pushing me to give up on her.  Like she is self destructive, and wants to push everyone and everything away from her.  So she hurts them in every way possible.  She starts her school day out with 100 points.  Yesterday she came home with -302 points.  The week before it was -250 points.  The week before that was -148 points.  She has been doing a steady nosedive with her behavior.  She loves her teacher Mrs. S., but she has taken to being physically violent with her.  She refuses to mind her own business, and gets in trouble often for tattling on other students, or trying to make them behave.  She can not keep her hands/feet to herself.  I honestly feel sorry for the teacher, and really question if this is the right placement.  I just have no where else to put her until she is in 1st grade.  It is so difficult.

V was placed on Ritalin.  I am not happy about this, but want to do the best for her.  She was diagnosed in July as being ADHD.  They wavered a bit between that and being Bi-Polar.  Her therapist says that this will be a deciding factor.  That if the meds do not calm her down, but set her off, making her more wild and crazy, then she is not ADHD, and I need to take her straight to the hospital.  The doctor who prescribed the medicine actually wrote me a prescription with another child's name on it.  M caught it when I asked him to drop it off at the pharmacy.  So I had to call the doctor, and request the correct prescription.  She however can not call it into the pharmacy b/c it is a controlled substance.  The doctor's office is 40 minutes away from home.  So she has to snail mail an original script to the pharmacy.  *sigh*  Always another hurdle to jump.  Hopefully by Saturday they have rec'd the script, can fill it, and I can see if this will help... or hurt her.

Regardless of what happens, I will not give up on her.  She is a beautiful child, and is capable of such good.  If by nothing else but sheer force of will, I will help her.  No matter what it takes.

A little less than three weeks till my big announcement.  All good things come to those who wait.

Aunt TT

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  1. I love you, Tabby and there is always light at the end of the tunnel