Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day 2013

The girls had a snow day today.  They were both thrilled, and it didn't bother me much, as M had a snow day too and can stay home with them.  In my line of business, you don't really get snow days, so I am at work regardless the weather. 

V was adorable this morning, though.  She came into the bathroom and loudly announced, "I don't have school!"  The bathroom is the only one in the house, and I feel bad locking the door b/c of that.  But if the door isn't latched shut all the way, the dog will open it, and come lay on the floor, then the kids take that as an open door, and come in too.  No privacy.  But that is the life of a mom. 

Anyway after V announced her snow day to me, I told her, "yes!  You get to spend the day with Daddy, isn't it exciting?!?"  She replies, "Yes.  But why aren't you staying home too?"  I explained to her that I don't get snow days, and she quite seriously says, "But mommy, if it's too dangerous for me to go to school, isn't it too dangerous for you and the baby to go to work?"

Just Love This Kid.

I assured her that mommy would drive safely, and that everything would be just fine, that she shouldn't worry, but should instead enjoy her snow day with daddy, and I will see her this afternoon. 

I got to watch DQ and her team mates dance a little bit last night while waiting for a competition meeting at the studio.  The ballet is going to blow people away, in my humble opinion.  I really can't wait to see it all put together with costumes, etc.  The music is a song by the lovely Marie Digby, and is quite beautiful.  The choreography is just as heartfelt and beautiful.  I think it will make people cry.

DQ (and a few other girls at her studio) are gearing up for the title competition in the end of January.  There is so much more to it then I even ever dreamed.  A Pagent, an interview, a dance class that they are judged on, on top of doing their solo.  All to be crowned, "Miss Petite Dance Ohio".  I made sure DQ knows what she is getting into, and asked her if she is certain she wants to do all of this.  She said, "YES!  YES!  YES!"  So I told her she will have to practice more often, and not fight me about it, and she agreed.  Let's see how long it lasts...  LOL.

On the pregnancy note, I hit 15 weeks on Wednesday.  I'm still quite exhausted, and battling food aversions.  I'm not really showing at all yet, and had to explain to V that it's weird that she kisses my belly in public b/c of that, and that she can kiss my belly in the morning, when I get home from work, and before bed.  Other than that, she has to ask me first - and she has been doing a good job.  I hated to curb this, but when she stopped me in the middle of the parking garage yesterday to make a public display of kissing my belly in front of countless strangers, I had to say something.  She is so excited to meet the baby, and keeps saying, "I am going to change it's diapers, and feed it, and sleep with it, and play with it."  It's adorable, but does anyone else also hear a bit of the Elmira syndrome?  I know she means well, but she will have to be heavily supervised when it comes to this new addition.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! 

Aunt TT

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