Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby's 1st Ultrasound

A little before 4p today I laid in this comfy recliner type chair, and a technician put warmed (thank you!!!) ultrasound medium on my tummy and proceeded to show me that there is indeed a baby growing in my belly.

Yes... up till then I was still in a bit of a state of shock.  Guess I still am.

She measured the head, while I stared in awe.  Seeing it's stub little nose, watching it open it's little mouth, the outline of an ear, it's little arm up under it's head like a pillow, and the other arm wiggling around above it's head.  I saw what looked like four fingers and a thumb on that little hand.  She then moved on to measure it's humerus bone.  Baby wiggled a lot.  I can attest to this - she/he does move a lot.  She looked at it's heart (which appeared to me to have all four chambers).  She let us listen to it's heart (146 bpm).  She checked out the kidneys - there appeared to be two.  She tried to measure the tummy, but baby wouldn't sit still, so she moved to the feet.  We then saw dainty little toes.  A long - well proportioned femur, and not much else.  Baby was laying with it's legs crossed.  The technician moved back up to the stomach, and baby still kept wiggling, but after some time and patience, she was able to measure the stomach.  She moved back to the feet a bit more, then was done.

The technician left the room to calculate the size of the baby, and the amniotic fluid.  Mom, Z-man, DQ, V, M and I chatted with each other.  V was worried that the procedure hurt me, and although I kept reassuring her it didn't, she was putting on one heck of a show for mamaw, and trying to convince me that she was scared.  Z-man has been to an ultrasound before, and I couldn't really gauge his reaction.  DQ seemed very happy, and after we got home, had tons of questions for me about the placenta and how it comes out after the baby.  I think my mom took a little trip back in time explaining to the kids a little bit about her pregnancies.  M kept asking me if I was OK - and he got to see how active this baby is.  It sounded active the first time we heard the heartbeat, but seeing it wiggling all over the place is quite another story.

I through it all was scrutinizing every little detail.  I wanted to see for myself four chambers to the heart, two kidneys, strong healthy bones, etc.  I tried to figure out if the nose was mine or M's, as that was the most prominent feature I could discern. The placenta is attached at the top of my uterus, which is good because I have read about them attaching near the cervix, and how much harder that makes labor/delivery.  I'm aiming for a low risk - calm and nurturing delivery as I possibly can.  (love Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - thank you Lina!).

When the technician came back, she said that baby weighs 12.5oz, seems to be healthy, and there is plenty of amniotic fluid for him/her to dance around in.  She showed us out, and we all headed home.

We don't know the gender yet.  I honestly couldn't tell looking at it, especially with the criss crossed legs.  I did try to see if I could figure it out.  The technician however said she knew the gender and wrote it down on a little card we brought her - then sealed it in a little envelope.  I promptly took the envelope to the lady who will be making our gender reveal cupcakes because having it in my possession would just be too great a temptation to look.  We will have a gender reveal party for our close friends/family on Sunday - then I will reveal to you all if we will be expecting a boy or a girl.  I can't tell you how excited I am to find that out.  I can start making girl or boy diapers - and build our registry.  All those fun things.

The photo you all have been waiting for:

Our newest little one.  <3
Aunt TT

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