Friday, January 10, 2014

Medication Plantation

A friend of mine recently had a FB thread that spoke a bit about medicating children.  I want to say that I am glad thus far we have decided to medicate V.  We can tell when the dose is wearing off (or when we have missed a dose.... which did happen once or twice over the crazy holiday break...  oops.), because she isn't as able to focus without her current med (Concerta). 

Has it been a magic wand that fixes all our problems?  Ummmm.  No.  And I knew it wouldn't be.  HOWEVER, it helps V to be able to focus.  It helps her to do simple tasks like listen to directions, although sometimes she still chooses NOT to listen to those directions.  Like, this morning.
Me:  "V please put your coat on it is time to leave."
V - continues to pet cat as if I didn't even speak
Me:  giving her a few moments to process what I have said and do what I asked.
V - still petting cat - I clearly don't exist.
Me:  "V - put your coat on.  It is time to leave."
V - cat is way more important than coat - or mommy speaking to me.
Me:  voice more stern, "V - put your coat on now."
V - finally pulls away from cat, and rolls her eyes at me.  BUT puts her coat on.

The medicine helps her to not feel as overwhelmed in stressful situations.  It helps her to slow her little mind down from 250mph to maybe 175mph.  If your child truly has some ADD or ADHD, then yes - medication can help.  Are the side effects greater than how much it helps?  For us, yes.  Medicating your child is a personal decision, and a hard one at that.  You know your child best and what he/she needs, so trust your gut.  If you have tried everything else, and are at a point where you are feeling like "everything else" has not helped your child, then maybe it is time to medicate. 

Does V still try to lie? Yup.  Does she still try to be in complete control of every situation?  Yup.  Is she still a bit of a bully at times with other children?  Unfortunately.  Does she still make crazy decisions that I will never ever understand? (ie: trying to poop in a plastic water bottle, or do something she knows is wrong, knows I am watching, but can not resist the compulsion?)  Yes Siree Bob!  Does she still scream, and call people names when she is angry?  Yup!  Does it all still drive me a little crazy?  Certainly.

But it is a little easier to manage now.   The level of craziness in the house has been reduced by a bit.  It isn't a huge life altering difference, but a large enough difference, that we are glad we decided to try this. 

Ask me all of this again once the baby is here, and I am a nervous wreck because she isn't listening to me when I tell her to leave it's little head alone.  Hopefully I will feel the same way.  Hopefully I won't need to be medicated by then.  *wink*

DQ is SO excited about the gender reveal party this weekend.  I will be posting a live feed website link for our long distance loved ones, and blog followers.  M has worked hard and found a good quality feed with good sound quality.  The only drawback is that it has a 20 second delay.  So it won't be exactly the same time, and I don't know why that bothers me so bad, because I should be thankful that the technology is there for us to do this, and quit worrying about 20 measly seconds.  Bottom line is that we will all know soon if we will be welcoming a baby sister or a baby brother into the household.  Then I can get started buying baby things, and attempting to make cloth diapers!! The party will be at 2:30p EST on Sunday the 12th.

There might be some other big changes happening in our lives.  I can't go into detail until I have all the details myself, but I am rather excited about these other changes.  As soon as I am certain about what will or will not be happening, there will be a blog.

Have a fantastic day today!

Aunt TT


  1. Thank you so much for your honesty. It's refreshing. Because so often I feel shamed if I put my son on meds. So thank you. Btw, enjoy the gender reveal party. I loved mine. My husband did too!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your honesty. It's refreshing. Because so often I feel shamed if I put my son on meds. So thank you. Btw, enjoy the gender reveal party. I loved mine. My husband did too!!!