Monday, January 27, 2014

Pregnancy Fun

Little E is an active little girl.  For my friends who have not been pregnant, I equate the early kicks to gas rumbles in your intestines/stomach.  The kicks I am feeling now however, feel like a live fish rolling around in my stomach.  While watching a movie with M last night, she was going to town, and although I am glad to feel her move, because I know she is alive - that much movement for me was really difficult, and quite uncomfortable.

It felt like she was having a seizure.  Like she kept jerking uncontrollably.  It was actually making me jump each time she did it.  It was hard to focus on anything but the uncontrollable movements inside of my belly.  I laid the recliner back thinking that if I gave her more room to wiggle, she may calm down - but the jerks became more intense.  They almost hurt.  This lasted for about 2-3 minutes (but felt like 10 minutes).  Then she was calm again.

At bedtime she was wiggling - but no where near as bad as before.  I have felt her wiggle this morning as well - but none of that jerking feeling that I really don't enjoy.  With this being my first time pregnant, I don't understand what she is doing in my belly.  I don't know if that jerking was hiccups.... or if babies really can have seizures in your belly.  I'm trying not to worry, as everything else in this pregnancy has been normal, no reason to start having problems now.  E is going to be healthy, and happy, and I am trying not to believe anything else.

I've been working on the registry, which is so overwhelming.  There are so many things on the "suggested" list that you "need" for baby.  Being a first time mom to a newborn, I am not entirely sure what I will "NEED" for E.  I don't want to register for stuff that is unnecessary.  So this has been a work in process reading reviews on these items, and trying to decide exactly what I want.

I am doing two registries.  One through Babies R Us, and another through Baby List online.  I really like the one through Baby List because I can register ANYTHING I want from ANYWHERE I want, and am not restricted to one store.  I have registered some soap from a local soap maker that is all natural and gentle for baby's skin.  I have registered gift cards to Joann Fabrics as I will be buying lots of fabric to make the baby's bedding, drapes, and cloth diapers.  I have registered a few books on, that will help us with labor/delivery, and even early parenting skills.  Next up I hope to tackle the car seat/stroller ordeal, with the help of a friend of mine who has given me some tips.

I have a great many friends who have offered their gently used baby stuff, and for that I am so grateful.  I would rather use that than get something brand new.  I just hope I remember who gave me what, so when the time comes I can get these items back home to their owners.  Might see if I can magic marker their name on it somewhere so I don't forget....

I hit 22 weeks on Wednesday.  I realized we have about 18 weeks until E will be here (if I go full term).  Which is pretty crazy.  So much to do in so little time!  I need to come up with a birth plan.  We finally scheduled prenatal classes, which by the way are not covered under health insurance, and I had to cough up $60.00 more to pay for.  Ugh.  I should start thinking about and working on a hospital bag for M, little E, and I, just in case I go early, I want to be ready.  I need to arrange emergency child care for DQ and V for when the big day (or night) comes.  I need to figure out for certain who I want to have in the room with me during labor (and since I am having such a hard time choosing... just how many people I CAN have...). 

On a less manic momma note, DQ and V are finally able to feel E.  They both seemed to enjoy it.  DQ kept telling (and trying to show) everyone what it felt like.  V still reads to her often, kisses my belly, and says things like, "Hi little E, it's your big sister V.  I love you."  She's pretty adorable when she does it.  DQ hasn't tried to talk to or feel my belly much, but I know she will enjoy it when she can begin to see E's hands and feet pushing on my skin.

I am officially showing.  People are officially touching my belly, and commenting on how high I am carrying her.  I don't have much torso to begin with, so it is what it is.

The gender reveal party was awesome.  I am very happy we decided to wait and reveal the gender with our family and friends.  They all seemed to really enjoy it as well.

E is measuring a little bigger than 22 weeks.  I however am certain I am right about the conception date, and I was a 9 lb baby, so I'm thinking she should just be a big baby.  So I am telling everyone to buy 1-3 months (or bigger) if you find something adorable you want to buy for her.  I have a gut feeling she won't be in newborn clothes/diapers at all.  I could be wrong.  But I would rather her swimming in her clothes than being uncomfortable in them, and with her being a summer baby, as a friend pointed out, she won't have to have them fit tightly to keep her warm.

I have glucose testing in a few weeks that I dread, but know I have to do.  Will let you know how that goes.  Hoping that I am able to steer clear of being diabetic during pregnancy.  It runs heavy in my family, so if I have it, I won't be shocked, but hoping not to!

Hope your days are going well!

Aunt TT

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