Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Birth Story

Mommy is pretty tired.  So I hijacked her blog to tell you about my birth.  It all began on a Sunday.  Mommy and my big sis V cleaned house.  Mommy scrubbed the floors on her hands and knees to get me to turn around in the birth canal.  It worked.  In the evening my whole family went to a graduation party for an amazing young woman whom I cant wait to meet.  Once home my tired big sisters were put to bed.

Daddy wanted to watch a movie.  Mommy suggested some popcorn.  Daddy usually makes the popcorn for us.  He just has that special touch.  Mommy was relaxing in bed playing Solitare on her phone and snuggling with her big orange kitty Bombaata.  That is when I decided the time was right.  Mommy had her first contraction.  Ever.  It was a little bit before 10p.  Mommy breathed thru the pain and sat there trying to figure out if it really was a contraction or something else going on.

Mommy was in a state of wonder.  Could this really be it?  She walked in the kitchen and told Daddy that she may have just had a contraction.  Daddy said OK and asked her what they should do.  Mommy suggested they wait and see.

The popcorn smelled really good.  So Mommy and Daddy sat down to the movie, and started eating popcorn.  This was right at 10p.  I made mommy have her second contraction.  This one was pretty intense, and Mommy raced into the bathroom, afraid of making a mess.  She bore thru this contraction while Daddy downloaded a contraction timer.  Isn't technology amazing!

The next contraction was about 9 minutes from the prior one.  Mommy thought we would have plenty of time.  Daddy started racing around getting everything together.  Mommy texted Mamaw, who also thought we had plenty of time.  Mommy got in the bath tub.  She wanted to shave her legs before I made my big appearance.  Everything moved so fast from there.  Mommy's contractions were now 5-6 minutes apart, and very intense.  It was a little after 11p at this point.  Each contraction lasted between 1-2 minutes.  Daddy, Mamaw, and Aunt Trish made plans to get V, as DQ was going to assist Mommy in bringing me into the world.  Mommy was in so much pain she wasn't of much help.  Daddy handled everything.

Daddy drove 20mph over the limit on the way to the hospital.   Mommy breathed thru contractions, and tried to rest in between.  Once at the hospital Daddy ran in and left Mommy and DQ in the car.  Mommy wondered why he ran off and didn't help her out of the car.  Then Daddy came back with a lady following him with a wheelchair.   It was a little after midnight at this point.

Mommy was whisked away to triage, where a nurse listened to my heart beat, and put hospital bands on Daddy and Mommy.  They checked Mommy's cervix and told her she was dilated to a 5, and 90% effaced, then left her to continue to breathe through the muscle spasms that would bring me into this world.  They were so hard and intense.  Mamaw showed up, and offered to take DQ to the waiting room until they could move us out of triage into my birthing room.   Mommy told Mamaw at that point it wouldnt be much longer.  It was a little after 1a at this point.

Mommy suddenly felt the urge to push.  Daddy grabbed a nurse, and once the contraction was over was checked again.  Dilation was at a 6.5-7.  The room was finally done, and Mommy was put in a wheelchair.   Mamaw said she had never seen a nurse move so fast as the one pushing Mommy and I toward the birthing room.  The floors in the birthing room were still wet from having been mopped, the prior resident had just been moved out for Mommy and I to be moved in.  Mommy sat on the toilet while the nurses finished filling up the tub, then they helped Mommy into the tub.  The water seemed too warm to Mommy and the nurse, Danielle tried to cool it down.  Mommy kept asking Daddy where the midwife was because she really felt the urge to push.  Daddy sat on a chair outside the tub and Mommy used his arms and hands for support thru each contraction.  Daddy told mommy after my birth that the nurse seemed really worried that the midwife wasn't there yet.  Mommy says she had her eyes closed and was trying not to push thru a contraction, she opened her eyes, and the midwife was sitting next to Daddy.  Mommy was so happy to see her.  Her name was Neva, and she told Mommy it was now OK to start pushing.  She asked Mommy if a resident could assist my birth, and Mommy agreed.

Mommy remembers looking at the clock, and seeing it was 2a.  She marveled at how quickly it had gone so far.  Everyone kept telling Mommy she was doing a good job, to keep pushing thru contractions.  Mommy was on her knees in the tub, facing Daddy, and Mamaw says that in 3-4 good solid pushes after the midwife arrived, I was born.  They pulled me up out of the water, mommy climbed over my placenta, and sat on her bottom.  They laid me on her chest, and Daddy snapped my first photo.  Mommy was trembling in shock, and in complete amazement of my perfectly round head full of dark hair.  My big sister, DQ got to feel the pulse in my cord as they waited for it to stop.  Daddy cut me free of the organ that nourished me for 9 months.  Mommy remembers hearing Daddy say that I was born at 2:08a.

Everyone marveled at how perfectly formed I am.  They gushed over my good coloring, and how my head and chest had the same circumference.   A nurse helped Mommy to nurse me for the first time while the resident stitched Mommy up.  Mamaw took DQ home after everything was done. Mommy was sad to see her go so soon, as Mommy was clueless if anything she was doing from this point on was right or not.  She was especially scared of breastfeeding.   How would she know if I got enough?

I am now 9 days old.  In the first week of my life, Mommy found out the hard way that her milk production is a little low.  I lost more than 10% of my birth weight.  The doctors began mentioning hospitalization if I didn't start gaining it back, and told Mommy to supplement her milk with formula.  I cried a lot and wouldn't let Mommy or Daddy put me down.  They hardly slept for days, and Mommy worried I had colic.   I was just hungry.  I seem to have an upper lip tie that makes it difficult to suck/nurse.  The earliest I can be seen for this is 6/26.  So Mommy is just being patient with me, and continuing to encourage me to eat.  I have gained 5oz back from what I had lost.

We are all trying to get used to the changes I have brought to our house.  V hates it when I cry.  Both DQ and V always want to hold me, to help change my diapers, and to love and kiss all over me.  Mommy is trying hard to pay attention to all three of us.  She expected to bounce back from this quicker than she has.  This breastfeeding system she has to do makes it difficult to leave the house, and she wonders how she will do everything coming up outside the house that needs to be done.  She hopes we can get on the right track soon.  She apologizes for having to turn visitors away. She doesn't wear a shirt, and holds my diaper clad body to her bare chest for hours on end.  The experts tell her this will help with milk production.

Mommy and Daddy are so in love with me.  Mommy can't stop kissing my cheeks, and Daddy willingly gives up sleep to help Mommy with me whenever she needs it.  Mommy cried over my first poopy diaper after the hospital.  Daddy welled up.  They were so worried over my health.  I have really turned this household upside down, and they love every minute of it. It is time for my diaper change now.  Mommy will also want to feed me.  Life is so hard when you are a baby.

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  1. I just can't congratulate you enough. You are one of the most amazing, caring, strong, talented, and put-together women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am so happy for you, M, V, and DQ. You will be an amazing mommy to this baby and everything will soon fall into place. Have faith and patience as always and enjoy every second it no matter how hard it seems because you are an amazing woman inside and out!